Ulethan Cultural Route

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Ulethan Cultural Route (UCR)
Alternate Name(s):
Ruta Cultural Uletana (Castellanese)
Uletské kulturní trasy (Drabantian)
___________________________ (Gohangukian)
Uletaňské Kulturné trasy (Litvanian)
Uletanska ruta kulture (Mallyorian)
Dromas Qulcera Uleṭoi (Maurit)
_____________________________ (Myrcian)
Traseu Cultural Uletean (Romanish)
Cultural organization managed by UAC headquartered in ...
Address ...
General Information
Year Founded 1999
UCR Commission President ...

The Ulethan Cultural Route (UCR) is a cultural organization founded in 1999 by the Ulethan Alliance for Culture (UAC). UCR promotes and protects streets, hiking or biking paths and maritime routes with significant cultural or aesthetic value throughout Uletha. It is well known for publishing several tourist guides as Wherever or Travel Extreme, which feature UCR itineraries.

List of Ulethan Cultural Routes

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Ulethan Capitals of Culture
Name Countries Type Length Course Description Map
Transtasmalian Trail GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya hiking trail/biking path 38 km (24 mi) TasmalingoTihukon PeakFrinseltownFrinsel CreekMount BachnerNoian-Piruna Hiking or biking route, mostly unpaved, crossing the central part of the Tasmal Mountains. Hiking difficulty: medium. map
Kâlè Lânádeê Flag of Antharia.png Antharia hiking path 4.5 km (2.8 mi) Niculești SudNiculești NordSturdza Historic Antharian route at the sea, completely paved. Hiking difficulty: easy. map
Via Kabyea MauretiaFlag.svg Mauretia tourist drive circa 19 km The section of Via Kabyea Viege (K700) in the diocese of Kabyea-Essa, through Uet and Veci-Essa Paved roadway along La Preia coastline through historic region with many centuries-old churches, monasteries, abbeys, and a national maritime park with scenic views. map