University of Saviso

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OGFmapicon.png 1.8967 S, 32.2302 E
University of Saviso
"Labore et honore"
"By labour and honour""
LocationCaleigh, St Austell, Vodeo
 • ChancellorRobert Hesketh
 • Vice-ChancellorGlenys Lindsay
Students46,416 (2015)
 • Undergraduate37,313 (2015)
 • Postgraduate9,103 (2015)
ColoursBlue, white, and teal

The University of Saviso (informally Saviso University, UoS, or USav) is a public research university located in Saviso, Vodeo. Founded in 1794, it is the second-oldest university in Vodeo, and the oldest in St Austell. It is Vodeo's second-largest university, behind the University of Cambria. The university is known for its programmes in law, medicine, the humanities, and science.

The university's main campus is located in Caleigh, an inner suburb across the Saviso River from Southbank and the central business district, with several other campuses located around the city and at Casserres. Since 1838 a number of residential colleges have become affiliated with the university, predominantly located in Caleigh or suburbs surrounding the campus.

Saviso has been consistently ranked as one of Vodeo's best universities since the 1950s, and in 2015 was ranked one of the world's top fifty universities.



  • Alfred College, Caleigh; founded 2014
  • Bradford College, Wellsford; founded 1995
  • Consolidation College, Caleigh; founded 1872
  • Faith and Hope College, Caleigh; founded 1838
  • King's College, Brigham; founded 1971
  • Lucille College, Caleigh; founded 1949
  • Pound College, Carrington; founded 1988
  • Queen Victoria College, Wellsford; founded 1940
  • St Jude College, Harborough; founded 1923

Other campuses

The university has three other campuses in Saviso at Durey, Silverwater, and Pontefract. The university also offers agricultural and forestry courses at its Casserres campus.

Notable alumni