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Hello! I'm Aces. I reside and am native too the United Kingdom. Yorkshire in specific. I am a graphics designer and on my off-time I have always had interest in making nations from it's looks and cartography to government and historical events. Past experience I had was through SimCity4 before I moved onto OGF. I am also a fur ^^ a member of the furry fandom.

Bliki Blog

A directory to all monthly Bliki's that I write up semi-frequently explaining recent work, exhibiting extraordinary work by myself or others, and promoting and representing Tierajas-Verdes, as well as opinions on the OGF process and world.

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The Pin-board where I will place and exhibit works from other users that I find to be extraordinary quality and inspirational.

Country Map User Description
Drapeaubro.png Broceliande OGFmapicon.png 17.7652 S, 21.5253 E tparigo The Illion region of Brocéliande does extremely well in capturing the French Riviera from Charleville to Rochebrune. Extremely well done in all aspects.
Mercian flag.png Myrcia OGFmapicon.png 56.3347 N, 19.2367 E Myrcia The work on Dunwic arguably my most favorite work on the entire server, from the details, the shops, the custom language, everything seems so perfectly mapped with so much care taken into it.
Egani flag 2.png Egani OGFmapicon.png 32.3944 N, 35.9862 E Clik The forest-cover around the outskirts of Krisoaral, the river to the north by Lakinta, and everything else transferring to nature in the outskirts have a feel and style to them that works extremely well. The mix of sharp angles and rounded corners, as well as the gaps and sparsity of it, make for a style I've been trying to accomplish myself but failing.
Drabantia flag.png Drabantia OGFmapicon.png 54.3187 N, 92.0249 E Eklas The region of okres Ráj nad Mlžnicí is complete as much as it NEEDS to be. Anything more will be an added extra. This is how you make a region complete, map it's nature, it's settlements, it's transportation and landuses and boundaries, while keeping it extremely minimalist. You can look at the map and still be able to call up an image of what it looks like in your head. That is a minimalist map done extremely well.
Flag of Antharia.png Antharia OGFmapicon.png 26.1132 N, 101.026 E stjur Focusing on Ostrina, the city, currently being remapped at time of writing, is going under a massive renovation, with the mapping being changed dramatically with every building being done in a 3D style to emphasize roofs, walls, domes, and spires. It's a mad-mans effort, but one I can really look up to in detailing rooflines and domes, etc.
BanderaPoheniciaV2.png Pohenicia OGFmapicon.png 25.1835 N, 36.0453 E oscar20002 The old town of Puerto Elisabeth consisting of El Palatinado and Campos de Marte was my winner of the Weekly Word #7 when I hosted it, previously winning it the week before. The theme of Heritage was taken up well, and Oscar2002 represented it perfectly with just the right amount of details to look real fantastic. They won the competition by the way.