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Here you will find all the sandboxes to accumulate information that won't fit otherwise into it's own wiki page, either because it would break the immersion, information will be too small to make an article, or the article will be made eventually, but not until there is more mapped.

Branch Sandboxes

Currey Junction Street Circuit


  • Year formed = 2013
  • Length = 2,899 km (2.899km)

Pavparvati language

Pavparvati is an official language of Tierajas-Verdes, alongside Castellanese, and the native language of the Pavparvati peoples in Tierajas-Verdes. Although it is a Romantishized language and belongs to the Uletarephian language group, it is unique from many examples in Uletha by following a Persephian language sub-group, which evolved from writing-styles localized in the Liberan Peninsula such as the Havian Cathar.

Famous People of Tierajas-Verdes

  • Gaspar Rivera (National Cricketer)
  • Navdeep Mhasalkar (Revolutionary Leader in the Grand Verdese War)
  • General Nirav Kulkarno (Leader of Military Junta that precipitated the Grand Verdese War)
  • Shri Korrapati (Former President, pre-Grand Verdese War, early Female President)

Gurura's of Tierajas-Verdes

  • Gurura Prabhakara (1st Gurura who started the religion)
  • Gurura Pradipa Jaina (The Guru that crossed the river and became clear of sins, popularized Sihkism)
  • Gurura Mohinder Kaur (3rd first to compile scripture of Prabhakara and Pradipa Jaina into the holy-scripture)
  • Gurura Lakshmi Narang (4th)
  • Gurura Radha Akbar (5th)
  • Gurura Jyoti Guptera (The Guru who placed the Gurura Sampanna Pyaseja (Gurus' Completed Passages) in the Satya Kitaba Gurdwara)
  • Gurura Devaraja Mishra (The last Guru before announcing the holy-scripture complete)


Administrative boundaries

  • Central Gov
    • Country
      • State
        • District
          • Subdistricts (Rural)
            • Union Council
          • Municipal Corporations (Urban)



Highways (New developments, most expensive and modern) - N_
N1 - Naijula - Ukudbhi
N2 - Aashrarg - Goldils

  • N23 - Goldils - Chaangee Said
  • A21 - Aashrarg - Goldils

N3 - Chaangee Said - La Horra

Trunk Roads (Older developments, between close metropolitan cities, modern) - T_
T1 - Punto de Christopher - Fuente Olmedo
T2 - ???
T3 - Parirakbe - Parirakbe International Airport - Chakhat
T4 - Castellaint - Magara

A-Roads (Old developments, long-stretches, rare but most common highway, little safety) - A_
A1 - Punto de Christopher - Orociudad
A2 - San Marisa - Punto de Christopher - Villaflor - Solosancho
A3 - Goldils - Diyuli - Magara - Parirakbe

  • B31 - Magara - Diyuli
  • B32 - Outside Diyuli - Goldils

A4 - Parirakbe - Castellaint - Fuente Olmedo

  • A41 - Pasar por Castellaint

A5 - Solosancho - Villaflor - Punto de Christopher - San Marisa

  • A51 - San Marisa - Border with Baldoria
  • A52 - Cifedhia - A5 in Mundae
    • A521 - A52 - A5 in Punto de Christopher (Junctions to center of Punto de Christopher)

A6 - Vijhevedh (Punto de Christopher) - A5 Villaflor By-pass

  • A61 - NPdB (Punto de Christopher) - Vijhevedh (Punto de Christopher)
  • A62 - Punto de Christopher Shri Korrapati Airport - A5 Villaflor By-pass

A63 - A6 - Villaflor - Playa de Kutujem
A12 - Ukudbhi - ???

B-Roads (Old developments, long-stretches, rarely used, little safety, specifically connects 2 settlements) - B_
B1 - ??? - Bhunda - Ukudbhi

  • A11 - Bhunda - Ukudbhi


- Turning from one N road to another N road. The road inbetween will be a combined number (e.g N2 + N3 = N23).
- An A/B road splitting from a N/T road will take up the name A/B road + N/T road number + A number from 1-9 (e.g N2 splitting into A21). The rule also applies for upgrades from A to B, B to T etc.

Speed Limits

  • Within-Towns - 30mph/50kmph
  • Single-Carriage - 65mph/100kmph
  • Duel-Carriage - 75mph/120kmph


Political Parties of Tierajas-Verdes by Representation

- Samaja o Lebara Partira (SoL) - Social democracy, Democratic socialism, Social liberalism - Society and Labour Party
- Pavparvati Pratinidhitba Phranta (3P) - Pavparvati nationalism, Pavparvati populism - Pavparvati Representatives Party
- Sakala Pipalasa Jaina Jatiyayabadira (SPJJ) - Hindu nationalism, National conservatism, Right-wing populism - All People's Jaina Nationalists
- Sakala Verdese (SV) - Centre-left, Social democracy, Green - All Verdese
- Kulakārni Jatiya Partira (KJP) - Nationalism, Conservatism, Right-wing populism - Kulkarni National Party
- Libarela Pipalasa Partira (LPP) - Centre, Social liberalism - Liberal People's Party
- Sakala Verdese - Centre-left, Social democracy, Green - All Verdese
- Ganatantrika I'uniyanista Partira (GI) - Left-wing, Democratic socialist - Democratic Unionism Party

Coalition Options?

- SoL, 3P, SV
- SoL, SV

- 3P, SV, LPP, GI

Coalition Laws

- If the lead party after a General Election does not win a majority of seats, then they will be required to form a coalition before they can officially govern. If no coalition is found, the second lead party is then asked to form a coalition, and so on.
- If the opposition does not reach a certain number of the seats needed to form a working opposition party (at least 80% opposition seats to the remaining number of seats) then an Opposition Coalition is required to reach at least 80% opposition.


With a quick example of 100 seats. The SoL has won 58 Seats with 58% of the vote. The official opposition needs to hold 34 seats seats, however, neither 3P, SPJJ, SV, or KJP hold 34 seats. SPJJ and KJP hold 38 seats between them. 3P and SV do not want to enter any coalitions, so the Opposition Coalition is announced as SPJJ and KJP as they hold 38 seats.

However, if SoL has won 74 seats with 74% of the vote. The official opposition needs to hold 20 seats.


After the Grand Verdese War, and the peace processes. To ensure that there was fair representation between leading and opposition parties, to reduce the chances of a government not being held accountable by the rest of the parliament, the Opposition Coalition Ruling was put into effect. So far, no elections apart from the most recent had needed to use the Opposition Coalition Ruling. There is now movements inside Tierajas-Verdes of removing the ruling or modifying it so minority opposition is now remedied by a Grand Coalition of all non-governing parties.


- Constitutional Federal Republic (though only in name, really it's 2 layers, National and Devolved Pavparvati. Only that Pavparvati's Government is assured by a constitution)
- Split into two jurisdictional branches, Commons of the National Government, and the Wisdom Council
- Then in Pavparvati, you have a single jurisdictional branch in the Parliament of Pavparvati, made of 100 seats representing roughly 6.6million. 100 seats, covers around 66,000 people per constituency.
- The Commons of the National Government is what the civilians of Tierajas-Verdes vote on, there are 128 seats which are somewhat evenly split between 90,000 civilians each in constituency
- The Wisdom Council holds 60 seats. These 60 seats are decided proportionally to the parties in the Commons of the National Government, and given to the most senior politicians in their respective parties


Composition of the 2014 Presidential Elections, Next Presidential Election is scheduled in 2018.

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List of Embassies of Tierajas-Verdes
Store/Map Name City Country Note
OGFmapicon.png map Tierajas-Verdese Ambassy Motul Balam-Utz Calle Xupij
OGFmapicon.png map Tierajas-Verdes General Consulate La Pinta Baldoria Pretoria Street
OGFmapicon.png map Tierajas-Verdes Embassy Dunwic Myrcia Andés Plæc
OGFmapicon.png map Embassy of Condueva Odrava Drabantia Dřevná 9
OGFmapicon.png map Tierajas-Verdes Embassy Gobras City Gobrassanya Wenji Street
OGFmapicon.png map Tierajas-Verdese Malojdeh Neo Delta Onitchio Street
OGFmapicon.png map Consulate of Tierajas-Verdes Leluwa Onnutu Kavarami
OGFmapicon.png map Taiago Neo Delta Hodio Street