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I'm Aiki, owner of Guai, new country under construction.

Desired projects for Guai


Parts of Guai was designed when it was located where Leresso now stands (in 2016?). Some features were moved with little to no change, some were designed carefully while others were created a bit haphazardly.


  • Kaila Noe

Lower the altitude of most peaks. Reduce & redesign/relocate the amount of glaciers and the snow line. Break the natural=wood areas in most places so that it defines the slopes.

  • Rivers

Most main rivers were drawn in the first months after moving into the current location. They feature very little detail (e.g. a dozen of nodes for 50km).

  • Coast

Some segments of Guai Coasts, for example on the Daks Islands need some refinement or a complete make over.

  • Natural/Landuse

Except in some area, little time has been devoted to the countryside. Guai is Mediterranean country with a high population density. It should be reflected in acres of orchards and wheat fields dotted with small villages and very little forest once you've left the reliefs.


  • Pirindi

Pirindi was first designed in its previous location with a main north-south axis for flows. Now being pretty much located in cul-de-sac, some changes are needed. Kicuán River, brought from previous Guai, has already been narrowed in most places but needs to be redesigned more thoroughly. Thoroughfare network should be rethought.

  • Towns and villages

Location should be checked and main in/out road should be added

  • Railways

Redesign railway system, especially between Pirindi and Vai.

  • Roads

Redesign road system.

Vai Airport was brought form former Guai. Many attempts have been made to adapt to its current location but I haven't found any satisfactory. Design should be rethought before moving ahead.


Geography of Guai

Rivers of Guai

Name Length
Drains into

Kaita 1362 Hesperic Ocean
Kiring 29 Hesperic Ocean
Ranat 20 Kiring
Loryn 25 Kicuán
Kicuán 146 Hesperic Ocean
Kol 8 Doran
Doran 50 Luru
Luru 68 Hesperic Ocean
Drila 19 Arūn
Arūn 36 Murunsi
Kaar 12 Murunsi
Murunsi 67 Hesperic Ocean
Trila 30 Hesperic Ocean
Kwrwpa 33 Hesperic Ocean
Mara 18 Hesperic Ocean
Aiin 24 Hesperic Ocean
Jonpis 16 Hesperic Ocean
Aqw 19 Traón
Traón 60 Hesperic Ocean
Kauma 42 Traón
Karab 11 Iara
Havír 41 Iara
Iara 54 Hesperic Ocean
Lara 34 Karm
Karm 47 Kaita
Kwrw 4 Iīvz
Iīvz 47 Kaita
Yu 16 Kaita
Kre 19 Ardan
Eda 190 Hesperic Ocean
Etran 8 Hesperic Ocean
Ardan 46 Hesperic Ocean
Iden 42 Hesperic Ocean
Nama 70 Hesperic Ocean
Erén 50 Hesperic Ocean
Fintu 6 Hesperic Ocean
Loriem 26 Hesperic Ocean
Aka 8 Arkan
Arkan 16 Rarān
Rarān 43 Hesperic Ocean
Kenyf 6 Saiaro
Saiaro 58 Hesperic Ocean
Arp 22 Hesperic Ocean
Teremas 45 Hesperic Ocean
Pétyrda 54 Hesperic Ocean
Linom 34 Hesperic Ocean
Kekenw 35 Hesperic Ocean
Gor 7 Hesperic Ocean
Uar Peran 15 Hesperic Ocean
Kérama 56 Kicuán
Uar Perwna 12 Kicuán
Orekw 24 Kicuán
Stof 31 Kaita
Uar Kwretw 15 Hesperic Ocean
Uar Barán 5 Hesperic Ocean
Flemis 53 Kicuán
Tarat 11 Hesperic Ocean
Amal 15 Hesperic Ocean
Aina 17 Hesperic Ocean
Arzal 13 Hesperic Ocean
Otom 15 Hesperic Ocean
Odra 11 Hesperic Ocean
Iav 8 Wdra
Wdra 16 Hesperic Ocean
Bruc 13 Hesperic Ocean
Uar Olenta 15 Flemis
Karyv 25 Hesperic Ocean
Oka Elega 10 Kicuán
Aki 6 Hesperic Ocean
Ilason 12 Hesperic Ocean
Elyv 20 Hesperic Ocean
Pis 12 Loryn
Wriniga 14 Kicuán
Ekan 18 Hesperic Ocean
Ucva 25 Hesperic Ocean
Adamast 35 Nama
Uar Esperáns 11 Hesperic Ocean
Uar Igri 12 Hesperic Ocean
Uar Sandjórj 9 Hesperic Ocean
Barj 16 Onsár
Duamua 19 Hesperic Ocean
Eskwna 17 Hesperic Ocean
Tunta 7 Onsár
Olka 8 Onsár
Al 10 Onsár
Ajar 10 Onsár
Onsár 36 Hesperic Ocean
Muaksa 16 Hesperic Ocean
Uar Twraíba 21 Kicuán
Idaris 44 Hesperic Ocean
Azén 29 Idaris
Elbas 9 Hesperic Ocean
Līmas 47 Hesperic Ocean
Eskona 57 Hesperic Ocean
Lȳran 15 Eda
Inira 19 Pétyrda
Takine 23 Swsw
Atron 18 Swsw
Swsw 39 Hesperic Ocean
Kèron 16 Hesperic Ocean

Lakes of Guai


Rod Pelar
Rod Saifun
Rod Peón
Rod Ipón
Rod Olis
Rod Satīm
Rod Tagán
Rod Víniiki
Rod Keól
Rod Evrona
Rod Ítabw
Rod Enko

Mountains of Guai

Name Height

Penga 2247
Hoi Redío 420
Hoi Djima 421
Pea 304
Hoi Kikan 184
Hoi Aldón 704
Hoi Orekw 1104
Koróm 2220
Magahun 4165
Hoi Tūf 1980
Mwlan 1210
Kailu Arzal 687
Hoi Sandjórj 904
Eleba Riki 1653
Eleba 2080
Hoi Kiring 2772
Terom 3905
Adaiara 324
Hoi Tork 1320
Wqoios 600
Patan 950
Kerég 1029
Kwkwrón 1200
Teera 3143
Hoi Murunsi 1604
Menluru 1568
Elebom 1405
Kékene 2217
Oramon 2254
Hoi Kauma 1246
Hoi Banda 640
Pelar 1964
Reryn 320
Savyt 780
Hoi Gorin 625
Hoy Porán 250
Wqwbé 825
Fintu 541
Hoi Berandi 536
Janla 947
Hoi Traón 1482
Tridi 345
Tridi Riki 314
Hoi Kekw 224
Hoi Pindaranat 342
Hoi Iápuiam 502
Taqalón 426
Areen 241
Twka 387
Olos 364
Gamw 325
Pehe 602
Erym 425
Hoi Jom 987
Hoi Perwna 1038
Hoi Elvar 1805
Kekyn 757
Peena 2184
Vian 845
Dekama Peán 1408
Hoi Arnaz 285

Settlements in Guai

Name Type

Olenta town
Pirindi city
Vai city
Djima city
Jom town
Pinteda town
Rakaling town
Bimars town
Iẃnonw town
Taoro town
Koiri city
Óranw town
Keroli city
Uari city
Taike town
Kūra city
Estra town
Píap town
Zān village
Ēkw city
Wnonke town
Daks village
Adigar town
Eribe town
Erfán town
Fron village
Arnaz village
Porán city
Marw village
Erán town
Manarí town
Taqanú town
Tarpw town
Kafūr town
Rān town
Fahun town
Pindaluru town
Olent town
Ia village
Albé town
Tuín town
Solimár village
Drina village
Samotó town
Nuár town
Iīf town
Belkis town
Bahma-Kaita town
Jonpis town
Aión town
Banda-so-Kaita city
Pirin-so-Strof village
Bahma-Eda town
Tarinda town
Calím town
Kwrwm hamlet
Pásamoto village
Dila suburb
Nara city
Taikarí city
Comolín town
Pirindi Lej neighbourhood
Dalem neighbourhood
Nakon town
Háidaba village
Yr-Merena hamlet
Kwp hamlet
Kabarú town
Ai town
Tila village
Peran town
Gilin town
Bahma-Nama town
Bahma-Erén town
Kareba town
Pinterén town
Pintàng village
Berandi town
Karap village
Astén town
Tarkana town
Hadūp town
Aldea town
Bálaki town
Pyrliz town
Karwn town
Havár town
Esperáns town
Igri village
Sandjórj town
Erma village
Efran hamlet
Karij hamlet
Tortw village
Tiw town
Hopsw town
Sinse town
Oldrín town
Tarpiẃ town
Twraíba village
Jwnpis neighbourhood
Perenin town
Dōr village
Aldón town
Tini-okbe-Qenia village
Qenia village
Pindaranat town
Thos-Ranat town
Inda Lej Vai neighbourhood
Huai town
Hauma town
Uīf town
Kwron-ì-Legri village
Uīv-so-Ísao village
Panad village
Uīv-ì-Marak town
Kene village
Lwswmái town
Koronte town
Nikin town
Tárima town
Iīv town
Perwna neighbourhood
Astém neighbourhood
Kwrok neighbourhood
Naktae neighbourhood
Inda Bi neighbourhood
Alim town
Kortina town
Inda Moixe neighbourhood
Fenga neighbourhood
Konbe neighbourhood
Naktae Twsenw neighbourhood
Kwretw neighbourhood
Kwretw Hiua neighbourhood
Pavedon neighbourhood
Uīv neighbourhood
Barán village
Àlik Geolímpiki neighbourhood
Bicu village
Alanín neighbourhood
Benén village
Iki town
Iring-so-Flemis village
Benýn town
Elvar town
Taleon neighbourhood
Kai village
Obar village
Lam village
Erevi village
Madubar town
Eryk village
Tasw village
Kwnwmin village
Mal village
Eta village
Swta village
Kabw village
Uanar village
Swalete village
Pegan village
Vinia village
Reza village
Rade village
Halti town
Olot village
Telesw village
Pilta village
Dra village
Sagalýt town
Kapodomino town
Trina village
Erona village
Tork town
Avál-so-Orekw village
Orbe village
Padi-Dapi neighbourhood
Fifīn neighbourhood
Uanta neighbourhood
Dobi neighbourhood
Dōr neighbourhood
Vivalet village
Lejom-Bi town
Lìyt town
Rwton town
Milifo town
Etagan town
Akis town
Uenta village
Prosedok village
Var village
Trakana village
Kwla-so-Luru village
Lamwn hamlet
Legrino town
Nalat village
Rantsè village
Paltan neighbourhood
Iápuiam city
Sonbor village
Pintelyv village
Sónparapia town
Pisú village
Avál-so-Pis village
Pamèdone town
Avál-so-Doran village
Orki village
Saifu town
Inda Cuod neighbourhood
Inkskilin town
Mikabi village
Zabān town
Peán village
Salìa village
Redío village
Korlea village
Ilim hamlet
Tcydj Hypt neighbourhood
Flac village
Astél village
Mast hamlet
Trevon village
Avál-so-Nama hamlet
Am-Janla village
Doorona locality
Dolarna locality
Dokleia locality
Dohāni locality
Doilsi locality
Dofiordja locality
Doelva locality
Docilia locality
Bakadw neighbourhood
Avál-so-Loryn village
Iápuiam Bi neighbourhood
Hacwd town
Pintekan village
Tatuina neighbourhood
Olviedw neighbourhood
So-Salìa hamlet
Istandyr neighbourhood
Astús neighbourhood
Gai village
Duys town
Pintkekenw village
Estepa village
Avál-so-Kekenw village
Alqa village
Sokanta hamlet
Am-Wqwbé hamlet
Pilka hamlet
Daiuc village
Niraj village
Suanka village
Postic village
Lorgw village
Acelem village
Ivar town
Duam-Riki village
Duam-Andi town
Vai-Onsár village
Sueskwna village
Avál-so-Muaksa town
Pintonsár town
Persór hamlet
Sondar town
Ótolangi town
Siva village
Igoz town
Pwtic village
Igoz village
Slaua village
Poiona village
Totoré town
Ofulda town
Idár village
Nara-Soi suburb
Levansín suburb
Moice-ì-Kinar suburb
Thos-Taikarí suburb
Moice-so-Līmas suburb
Avnar suburb
Bárajì town
Lerjino town
Ikigai village
Polt-so-Stof village
Pega-ì-Ansūr village
Pintlinom town
Mitinga town
Lutik village
Arenera village
Síkoma village
Ómraset hamlet
Pilwru hamlet
Orlivet hamlet
Twrwsin hamlet
Kyrte hamlet
Parnaz hamlet
Orliz hamlet
Osonori village
Kȳrt hamlet
Ereda hamlet
Dànalas village
Drwnón village
Merýn hamlet

Transportation in Guai

History of Guai

People from Guai

Those are mentioned in articles or named on the map. For pronunciation, please refer to the article on Guaiian.

Family Name First Name Gender Birth Death Profession Known for
Abún Hal m. 1890 1962 Counsellor of State Responsible for founding KoPaSA, the national railway company
Apār Fiordja f. 1959 0 Pharmacist Married to Izabela Enler-Riter, President of Ullanne
Ármel Kleia f. 1972 0 CEO CEO of TÁNGOKÏO
Balan Ingo m. 1876 1954 Counsellor of State Initiator of various public services (eg: postal services)
Bin Djos m. 1964 0 CEO CEO of FlyMe
Bing Lwfinda f. 1886 1970 Biologist Animal specialist
Djon Wlinta f. 1857 1930 Doctor Microbiologist specialised in vaccines
Eleban Soroi m. 1887 1959 Architect Built the Geolympic Stadium
Elva Erym f. 1882 1973 Stage actor
Fenok Adrián m. 1840 1902 Writer Novelist
Git Iohán m. 1798 1840 Writer Poet of the Romantic period
Hāni Elyg m. 1789 1863 Painter Romantic painter
Iafri Yrme m. 1831 1904 Judge President of the High Court of Justice
Kerosi Áili m. 1825 1912 Philantropist Builder of hospitals and orphanages
Kilin Launa f. 1866 1932 Painter Her many symbolist paintings
Klaj Emen m. Mid-18th century Early 19th century Trip hammer maker Founder of Aspra Industries
Klaj Soroi m. Mid-18th century Early 19th century Trip hammer maker Founder of Aspra Industries
Mikin Soroi m. 1958 0 CEO CEO of Guai Airways
Orlut Pinga f. 1842 1920 Doctor First female paediatrician in Guai
Ótolangi Meeri m. 1802 1878 Counsellor of State Father of the Constitution
Paranala Emón m. 1854 1932 Counsellor of State Responsible for building the National Healthcare system
Pei Laran m. 1885 1958 scuptor
Pemel Fiordja f. 1968 0 Counsellor of State Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs
Taiarón Emil m. 1802 1885 Counsellor of State Lauched the codification process of Guaiian Law
Taka Patin m. 1829 1903 Military Officer Admiral of the Fleet
Tora Oaro m. 1827 1886 Military Officer General
Twsenw Irán m. 1831 1916 Municipal Counsellor Responsible for launching a planned urban expansion for Vai
Uarai Orón m. 1798 1852 Composer Opera & operetta composer
Ȳrlis Arko m. 1715 1792 Diplomat Headed the first embassy to Mauretia
Zabāni Erói m. 1816 1906 Composer Considered the national composer of Guai