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All the kids (Not necessarily "cool", objectively) are doing this. So I'm going to do this monthly (Preferrably end of each month).

Feedbacks are thirstily needed. I'm probably not doing this the proper way in my first post.

Formal intro, I suppose

Hi. So generally I'm the 16-yr-old guy who owns Esthyra and sometimes gets shouted at (I think I did equally good and bad on OGF already, making a mixed reputation). I personally don't focus on OGF but I suppose this is good exercise to explore another career, I guess?

I tried to study the Future Cities course (Yes, no joke, I tried to study it when I was 14) offered by ETH Zurich but I failed miserably (As you'd expect).

Cape Blackpool: First town I develop

Due to the difficulty in drawing a large scale city, I drifted away my focus to a smaller town instead.

I built a central retail street and some housing. The retail street is referenced from Magog, QC and the housing is referenced from Plowford, Glaster Flag.png Glaster (To be honest, the housing is real cramped there...Houses are less than 10m wide...). The narrow gauge line is based on a Japanese railway line and I feel like it should be used for the transport of a medium-sized town.

I also built a shrine (Cuz why not, we have Belphenian refugees and Esthyrans think Shindo they brought in is probably some cool religion, xd).

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Trouble at border

As many of you have known, my neighbour isn't quite quiet (No offense, this is an objective observation). I basically spent time to drew a border river with him, then today he told me to erase it. I literally have to remove the river's body when keeping its head and toes...It now does look more realistic but still that took so much time...

I did, however, expand my airport into his country by convincing him using economic benefit and stuff, despite only one such example is present in this world.

Wiki stuff

  • List of Broadcast Call Signs: Another small thing to manage. I was wandering around Erzaleria and I saw all the radio and tv stations there are equipped with call signs, so I decided to make this a global standard.
  • Portal:Restaurants: Cleaned up some small, not-really-a-chain restaurants. I'll probably start an investment company to buy all these small chains, xd.

Comments, I s'pose

Leave your comments below!