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Lola, officially City of la Villa Nueva de la Buena Vista de Nuestra Señora de Lola is a city in central Sierra, Federal States. It is the county seat of Braxton County. Founded in the late 18th century by the Castellanese as a religious mission and expanded into a city in the following decades, it has one of the best-preserved colonial city centers in the western FSA, in the late colonial 19th century style.


A mission in what is now Lola was founded in 1790 by Fr. José María Osborne Lazcano. The religious town was quickly followed by the Fortín de Lola, a small fortress built by the local commander, Francisco de Carranza y Bergara, to help control the upper Colurona River from its key bend. The city was built from 1796, with a steady stream of immigration from military families and settlers. In 1825 Lola was made capital of the Province of la Sierra Baja, given its increasing size and relative defensibility.

From 1858, Lola served as capital of Sierra Territory until 1864, when the brief Sierran Civil War broke out over a capital with Dennison. Lola's militias won the only pitched battle, at Fountainhead, but a very rainy and muddy summer prevented them from advancing and only minor raids occurred till further federal control of the area in 1866.


DART logo.png

Dennison and Redonda Transit (DART) is the public transit system in the greater Dennison-Redonda area. Serving seven cities, four counties and an area of almost two million inhabitants, it is the largest transit system in the state of Sierra, and one of the largest in the western Federal States. DART was founded in 1969 on the merger of the Dennison Urban Transit, East Wilfried County Transit, Serrano County Transit. RU Transit (Redonda-Unita) was merged into DART in 1973.

DART operates the Dennison Streetcar lines, light rail lines in the metro area and many urban and regional bus lines.

Commuter and light rail

DART operates several light and commuter rail lines. Most have been built using sunken (recessed) rail lines below the road level, which come above ground at stations.


The streetcar lines are present within the city of Dennison, though only on the east side of the *Colurona* River. These were built at the turn of the century. Plans to decommission the streetcars were started in the 1950s, but eventually they were only reduced, and in the 1980s were revamped and modernized.

Sierran license plate on a classic car
Current series of license plates (2017-)

Population estimates

3.5-4 million for the state. Greater Dennison: 1,983,090‬

  • Dennison: 682,500
  • Elvira: 401,220
  • Redonda: 389,500 *
  • Lola: 226,420
  • Chapman: 211,250
  • Unita: 201,280 *
  • Barclay: 196,250 -
  • Henderson: 156,620 -
  • North Dennison: 138,400 *
  • Billard: 117,240
  • Duchess: 82,300 *


  • Greenfield: 16250
  • Sorrent: 8700
Archantol and Ministop in Sierra.png

Archantol is the prevailing gas station brand in Sierra, and is paired with the Ministop convenience stores.

Motorways in Sierra

Route 19 sign
  • S-1: Hernandez to Dennsion
  • S-2:
  • S-5: north of Dennsion area
  • S-5: around northern Dennsion area
  • S-9: East-West through Dennison

Military installations in Sierra

Fort James P. Nickerson

Fort Nickerson gate
Gremlin tank doing testing

Fort Nickerson is an army base east of Lola. It is one of the largest bases in the western/northwest FSA. Home of the "Fighting First" Armored Division. Established as a Castellanese cavalry outpost in the 1820s, it was named Fort Lola under FSA control in 1849, and after General James P. Nickerson in 1979.

Fort Nickerson has a large maneuver area, where tanks and other armored vehicles are regularly tested. Most of the built up area, including administration, housing and other facilities are located north of the county line (in Meseta COunty), west of CR-7.

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Joint Forces Proving Ground Las Truchas

JFPG Las Truchas is a facility used for testing artillery weapons, explosives, formerly [atomic] weapons. Built in 1952 as Las Truchas Test Range. It is one of the largest military facilities in the FSA.

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University of Dennison

Seal of the University of Dennison.png

The University of Dennison is a private research university in the Federal States, located in Dennison, Sierra. It was founded in 1876 and is the oldest university in the city. The university's campus is within the downtown core of Dennison, centered around West Forest Drive and Nickerson Street. The university is best known for its liberal arts and literature programs. They are home to the University of Dennison Lions (Archantan football and soccer), and have a rivalry with the University of Sierra in Dennison (the Rangers).

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Sierra State University

Seal of Sierra State University.png

The Sierra State University is a public university located in Elvira, Sierra (Federal States). SU Sierra is the oldest university in the state, founded in late 1869 from a state grant. The university was originally designed as an agricultural school from the onset, and was located near farmland some 5km from the city center. Much of the campus was remodeled in the 1960s and 1970s, helping to give a modern feel to the area.


The university was founded in 1869 as the University of the State of Sierra. John Amos Buford was the first chancellor of the university.

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Sierra State has a secondary campus in Rocky Mount, north west of Dennison.

University of Sierra, Lola

Seal of the University of Sierra (Lola).png

The University of Sierra, Lola (USL) is a public research university in Lola, in the F.S. state of Sierra. Alongside the University of Sierra, Dennison, it is one of two campuses of the University of Sierra. USL was founded in 1872 from a grant by the newly-formed State of Sierra, with support from prominent local businessmen and politicians. USL has a strong science program, though also has an excellent arts program as well.


Francisco Mazarin (1827-1890), a local businessman, was instrumental in securing funding for the university, and provided part of his property in the city to build on. He was named second president of the university, from 1874 to 1886, after William Winfield.

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University of Sierra, Dennison

Seal of the University of Sierra (Dennison).png

The University of Sierra, Dennison (USD) is a public research university in Dennison, Sierra (Federal States). Alongside the University of Sierra, Lola, it is one of two campuses of the University of Sierra. USD was established in 1915 in order to provide state-supported tertiary education in Dennison, by then the largest city in the state. USD is very strong in science and mathematics, and one of the top universities in science research in western Archanta.

Ring of fire

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