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Hello! I'm CartographerKing. I have been mapping since I can remember, however most of it has been on paper. I am trying to transfer my number of cities to OpenGeoFiction, while learning a deeper understanding of urban planning and cartography. Current I own Wychelle, a state in the Federal States of Archanta. I used to own the United Cities of Planius (2017-2019) and left after the Deodeca pact, and Pavonearse (2019-2020) but left due to lack of Spanish knowledge. Contact me via OGF mail if important. I’m really good at details for some reason...

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OGF Quotes: The problem, as I see it, is that all OGF users should understand that doing things that will offend other users is going to provoke admins, because they have a duty to "protect" the community. So you can complain that no one should be offended at that kind of post - I might even agree with you. But whether someone should be offended isn't the question. The question is: is someone offended. If someone is offended, you've messed up. And I think that no reasonably intelligent person could look at those "tutorials" and imagine they are incapable of offending someone. In fact they seem intended to provoke offence. And that's the mistake.

Here's my guideline: never post something to OGF (map, wiki, forums, whatever) that you wouldn't want your parents or teachers or coworkers or boss or children (or younger siblings or whatever) to see. - Luciano

Wytusky Progress (March 2020 - Current)
1 Roads 2 Downtown Details 3 Railways 4 Natural Features 5 Final Details