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Request diplomatic relations with Tigeria

Hi, I'm Chazeltine from sunny California in the United States. I stumbled upon OpenGeoFiction quite by accident during one of my digital trailblazers across the cartography sector of the internet, and OGF has been a regular port of call ever since.

While I have my passion for geofiction, my educational background is in economics, accounting, and foreign languages. My approach to mapping in OGF incorporates all this, and you'll often find me providing commentary on the wiki as well about the socioeconomical, cultural, and business aspects of OGF.

When I'm not working, I'm reading up on geography, history, urban development, or cultures to broaden my perspectives about what we can add to the OGF world to make it richer.



Tigeria (map) is my principal country. I've laid down most of the geographical features, and I am dividing my time between laying out the cities, constructing the infrastructure, and refining the geography. I've subdivided the territory into Tigeria and Kotel.

For reference, Tigeria is roughly the size of the U.S. state of Maryland, or the size of Belgium.


Inxigne (map) is my second country. I've finished the land cover here and I am mapping tropical resorts now.

For reference, Inxigne is roughly twice the size of the U.S. state of Delaware, or the size of Lebanon.


Meilan (map) is my third country. I've started on basic geography and urban development here.

For reference, Meilan is roughly twice the size of the U.S. state of Delaware, or the size of Lebanon.

Blue Territories

West Commonia

Big Park (map) was the site of my groundbreaking in OGF. More specifically, the 1/201 junction (map) was the location of my first changeset, where I constructed the beginnings of Big Park Boulevard from what was then a humble T-intersection. I return to Big Park periodically to continue expanding it neighborhood by neighborhood and to add various infrastructure in the surrounding hills. I also constructed the West Commonia High Speed Rail line from Big Park all the way to Hamabaurgs and remapped the West Commonian capital, Chanunwa (map).


I'm mapping the west side of Gobras City north of the World Port (map).

Wiki Pages I Manage or Actively Contribute To

Icebreaker of the Month

Since there continues to be community interest in the Icebreakers of the Month, I will continue these. Every month (unless there is a Poll of the Month), I will post an icebreaker question to the forum.

Poll of the Month

In order to gauge user satisfaction on OGF, I will be posting a Poll of the Month every three months to the forum. The polls are anonymous (except to me; I will ask for usernames to prevent extra responses from the same user that could invalidate the poll responses). The responses will be shared with the OGF community at the beginning of the next month for discussion and action.

1/1/2020 Update: As of 1/1/2020, I am suspending polls for the time being as I risk violating the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/769 (GDPR). All previously collected poll responses have been deleted. Admin have decided that they will be conducting future polls at their own discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

Blikis and Sandboxes

Where Did I Come From? Where am I Going?

See my bliki.


Logo of the Red Shield.png September 8 is Red Shield Day. Consider opening a Red Shield office in your nation today.