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Achtung.svg This is an old post from a monthly bliki. The fun starts here.

Here's what I did in April 2017.

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Drabantia flag.png 53.7357 N, 88.6317 E

  • Did a very rough sketch of what I want the southwest to become. (April 1st)
  • Started deleting the old capital city. (April 2nd)
  • Started drawing the new capital. (April 3rd)
  • I'm very impressed with how Odrava looks so far! Can't wait to add more streets, landuse, names etc. (April 6th)
  • Can you see it? Can you see it? No, you can't- I'm sketching the historical center on paper. I might post something on Twitter (@drabantia). (April 8th)
  • I haven't really done anything productive in the past few days. (April 12th)
  • Drew Odrava's Old Town foundations. (April 13th)
  • The New Town is there - and so is a lovely manor and its surroundings. (April 17th)
Monday bliki by Eklas