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Bliki- part 2!! More downtown Quentinsburgh fixes. Some of this was in progress during my last bliki entry, but not included in the entry.

Pedestrian City Shopping District

If you've been following Quentinsburgh for a long time, you may have noticed a neighborhood in downtown known as Pedestrian City. Up until recently it was pretty much just badly drawn pedestrian streets and a couple scrappy buildings. However, I had always envisioned the area as a walkable beautiful shopping district in downtown Quentinsburgh, with restaurants, shops, a bookstore, a hotel, clothing stores, a cinema, a supermarket, etc. I finally took the time to try and make it a reality. Not all of the shops are labeled at this moment, but I'm still trying to figure out everything that will go there. Considering how major of a destination Pedestrian City has become, I went ahead and renamed the metro station Union Station/Pedestrian City (metro station) (from "Quentinsburgh Union Station"). I'm especially happy with Pedestrian City Square

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Freedemian Square Plaza, Mark College

In doing Pedestrian City, I found myself needing to reexamine the stores in the nearby Freedemian Square Plaza. My original intention had been to just look to check for redundant stores that needed to be deleted/closed down, but I ended up redoing the entire mall, something I've very happy I did. I still need to redo Quentins Riverside Park South though.

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Mark College is an extremely small urban college, with one residence hall, two classroom buildings, and a couple other college things. Redoing Freedemian Square Plaza created the perfect space for me to put Mark College there.

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Esther University

I've been wanting to fix up Esther University for a long time. It wasn't until I saw how good Mark College came out that I was inspired to make the leap. I still plan on adding a couple extra buildings and such on the campus, but it's mostly done.

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Quentinsburgh Children's Museum, Quentins Museum of Natural Sciences, Quentins Museum of History, Quentinsburgh Rescue Mission

This little area was just a random little detail I've been working on in downtown. I'm slowly trying to map more services, and the Rescue Mission seemed like an important one. The museums will help further the family wholesome entertainment centered culture Quentinsburgh is so well known for.

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Capitol Mall redo (in progress)

This one is still in progress, but I'm in the midst of redoing the Capitol Mall to make it much neater and more realistic. You can see a bit of the change here.

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Clarence and Sean Bond Memorials

One of the few completed parts of the Capitol Mall is the area that houses the Clarence Bond and Sean Bond memorials. It technically also houses the memorials for Bond's VP Oliver Slaney and for president Heinz Doofenschmidt, though the label for Doofenschmidt's doesn't seem to want to render correctly. Maybe the name is too long.

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