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Betterview Studios
Betterview Studios logo
HeadquartersVandoveur, Freedemia
Area Served Freedemia, but with films releasing internationally
ProductsMedia Production
Service(s)Film and TV production
 TV networks
 Thrill Planet theme park
DivisionsBetterview Studios
 Betterview Animation (BVA)
 Betterview Worldcraft Animation
 Betterview Television (BVTV)
 Betterview Parks
Parent CompanyBetterview-Century Media
PredecessorVandoveur Studios, Flowerfield Studios

Betterview Studios is a major film studio based out of Vandoveur, Freedemia. It is largely known for specializing mostly in family-friendly entertainment and for its animation and kids studios. Betterview is generally recognized as the most prominent Freedemian film studio and is at the heart of Vandoveur's Studio Boulevard film and entertainment district. Today, Betterview is part of the Betterview-Century Media conglomerate after a merger with Century, the parent of Century Television Network, in 1996.

The company was founded as Vandouver Pictures in 1931, rebranding as Vandouver Studios in 1943 and as Betterview Studios upon a merge with Flowerfield Studios in 1956.

Vandoveur Pictures and Parks' Animated Antics shorts

Vandouver Pictures was founded in 1931.

As they began to take off but struggled to draw people into the cinema against competing film companies, Vandoveur Pictures would turn to a budding cartoonist named Gerald Parks and his team for animated shorts to air in between Vandoveur's theatrical productions. Parks' Animated Antics shorts took off alongside Vandoveur Studios features, and would see a name shortening to Parks' Animantics around 1940. Early characters from Parks' animated Animantics shorts, like Charlie Chipmunk, Mallory Mallard, Rocky Robin and Wally Warbler, and Tina the Top-Speed Tortoise would act as the company's mascots for an extended period of time, and somewhat still are mascots for Betterview today. Parks' studio would eventually grow into Vandoveur Pictures Animation, and eventually would merge with Flowerfield's animation department, known more for their animated fairy tale and fable-based movies of the 1940s and 1950s, to create Betterview Animation (BVA).

Betterview is partionally known for their iconic studio logo intro. The intro starts with a child (originally a boy, later a girl) in a dark field against a dark sky, appearing sad or aimless, until a star slowly shoots across the sky, bringing light to the blossoming field. The star is reflected in the child's eye, which then fades into the Betterview logo. A variation of this intro has been used since 1960, though the star fading into the logo had been used by Vandouver Studios as early as 1949, and the blossoming field was an homage to Flowerfield Studios.

Betterview Animation (BVA) and Betterview Worldcraft Animation

Betterview Animation is the primary animation studio of Betterview, working on both 2D and 3D animation.

Betterview Worldcraft Animation is a separate studio that specializes in computerized animated 3D movies and 3D animation for live action hybrid movies.

Betterview Television and Boing! Kids Channels

The Betterview Television channels focus on clean but adult-oriented entertainment such as sitcoms and movies.

  • BVTV (Betterview Television)
  • Betterview Movie Channel (BMC)
  • Betterview Classics

The Boing! and Boing! Junior channels, originally Betterview Family and Betterview Toddler, are family channels that are directed towards kids entertainment.

  • Boing!
  • Boing! Cartoons
  • Boing! Junior

Century Television Network

Betterview Studios is also affiliated with Century Television Network through the Betterview-Century Media conglomerate. Betterview Studios and Century merged in 1996 to create Betterview-Century Media.

Betterview Studios Park and Thrill Planet

Betterview Studios also owns two lines of amusement parks, Betterview Studios Park at their studios in Vandoveur and Thrill Planet with locations around the world.

Betterview Studios Park focuses mostly on major Betterview properties and is more of a theme park including experiencing the studios. Live performances and entertainment play a large role in the park.

Thrill Planet is also centered around many major Betterview Properties and related themed experiences, but is more ride focused and includes themed areas beyond Betterview movie and tv properties. Thrill Planet also includes partnerships with MegamerGames for video game IP themed areas and rides, MundoMar's SafariSphere for an in park reserve and zoo at certain locations, and with Plick building toys for a building toy-themed Plick Planet.