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List of Transit Systems in Freedemia

  • QUARTA- Quentinsburgh Urban Area Rapid Transit Authority
  • VAULT- Vandover and Urban Laneston Transit
  • FEATS- Fort Elwood-Elmwood-Arthur Transit System
  • SARTA- Senegalia Area Regional Transit Authority
  • SFTA- Southeast Freedemia Transit Authority
  • NaturaTran- Natura State Transit
  • GAPTransit- Gouldsburgh & Pylesley Transit
  • WellsTransit- Wellsylvania, Marchdale, Aprille, etc
  • NEFRT- Northeast Freedemia Regional Transit: Willford/Celayton/Kohlsville and surrounding rural areas
  • SWFRT- Southwest Freedemia Regional Transit: Sunsail Beach and surrounding rural areas
  • SEFRT- Southeast Freedemia Regional Transit: Camden/Chesterham and surrounding rural areas



FreedemiRail acts as the main link between all of these smaller systems. National commuter trains.

Greenleaf Bus Lines

Intercity bus service with more stops than FreedemiRail. Maybe more focus on FreedemiBus to match FreedemiRail and FreedemiAir? Competing service could be Greenleaf, complementing service FreedemiBus?

Fare system

Combined fare system serving all of Freedemia? Or maybe just some sort of optional national card or pass akin to PASMO/Suica in Japan.


TAPcard, or Transit All-access Pass Card, is a national card in Freedemia that can be loaded with money to purchase passes, tickets, or one way rides on any Freedemian transit network, including local urban systems like QUARTA, FEATS, and VAULT; regional systems like SEFRT and NEFRT, and nationwide networks like FreedemiRail and Greenleaf Bus Lines/FreedemiBus. TAPcard is also accepted by many businesses for purchases as well, with use like a prepaid gift card of sorts. TAPcard was launched in 2014, and as of 2016 all Freedemian systems accept it for payment, but Freedemian systems are still working to better integrate their fares with each other and with ticketed fares for national FreedemiRail and Greenleaf Bus Lines.