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hi यह उपयोगकर्ता हिंदी का एक देशी वक्ता है।
en-5 This user can contribute with a professional level of English.
ja-1 この利用者は簡単日本語を話せます。

Hello! I am iiEarth, and I am from India. I fluently speak English and Hindi.

I currently own a state of the Federal States; Apawiland.

I started geofiction as making fictional subway lines. I then started getting more interested in geofiction when I shifted to the United States of America, and started making fictional road maps. Wanting a website for such interests, I searched day and night, with the key words being 'fictional mapping.' I finally found Opengeofiction. I signed up, and started mapping in what is now Nordmark.

Did you know?

In my approximately two years in Opengeofiction, I have requested seven territories? And out of those seven, only four got accepted, with one not being recognized too much.

AN128 (Now owned by User:GibranalNN), unspecified territory (never talked about again), UL303 (vacant), UL014 (acquired, then abandoned), AR120-16 (acquired, then abandoned), Indahtanah (acquired, then abandoned), and hopefully my first territory to not get abandoned, Apawiland.

I have been warned verbally by admins three times? The last warn which I received was in 28 June, 2018, approximately 05:17 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

First warning for editing in what is now Nordmark. Second warning for editing in UL215, then banned for a day. Third warning for editing in Langolia Canyon, Pretany.

I can speak English rather professionally, but it is not my native language. Instead, my mother tongue is Hindi. I can read Japanese-usually hiragana and katakana- but I cannot understand much. I know some kanji, too, but, as stated previously, I cannot understand it.

In the past five years of my life, I've attended eight different schools (due to my father finding a good place for me and my sibling to study, and a better job, et cetera)?

I've lived in three different countries (India, the United States, and Japan)?

Where I have lived in order:

India —> US —> India —> US —> India —> Japan —> US


(Born) (LBT) (BTH) (LBT) (BTH) (New job) (New home)

LBT = Long business trip (father)

BTH = Back to home

When I was very young, I used to think that language was dependent on skin color (please don't judge me)?

I have a decent collection of coins? My rarest and most precious coin is the 2019 1 oz Australian Shipwreck Batavia Silver Coin of which only twenty-thousand were ever minted.


Sandbox for a future country.

Other's Mapping

Name Map Link Mapper Elucidation
Tarrases OGFmapicon.png 58.3513 S, 84.0331 E Luciano The nation of Tárrases, created by Luciano, has excellent landcover usage and a topographic map, too.
West kadmar flag.jpg West Kadmar, Leressoflag.png Leresso OGFmapicon.png 35.2832 S, 4.0512 E geo boi, newflanders A well-mapped collaboration between users geo boi and newflanders. More detail is visible at higher zoom in certain areas, but the region in general is amazing.
Drapeaubro.png Broceliande OGFmapicon.png 16.8401 S, 21.4493 E tparigo An intricate city designed with iD by user tparigo. Has been featured on featured maps.
Venasario, Gran Barciña, Lost country.png Tamarindia OGFmapicon.png 6.5839 S, 47.6822 E donnamaw ...