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hi यह उपयोगकर्ता हिंदी का एक देशी वक्ता है।
en-5 This user can contribute with a professional level of English.
ja-1 この利用者は簡単日本語を話せます。

Hello! I am iiEarth, and I am from India. I fluently speak English and Hindi.

I currently own a state of the Federal States; Apawiland.

I started geofiction as making fictional subway lines. I then started getting more interested in geofiction when I shifted to the United States of America, and started making fictional road maps. Wanting a website for such interests, I searched day and night, with the key words being 'fictional mapping.' I finally found Opengeofiction. I signed up, and started mapping in what is now Nordmark.

Did you know?

In my approximately two years in Opengeofiction, I have requested seven territories? And out of those seven, only four got accepted, with one not being recognized too much.

AN128 (Now owned by User:GibranalNN), unspecified territory (never talked about again), UL303 (vacant), UL014 (acquired, then abandoned), AR120-16 (acquired, then abandoned), Indahtanah (acquired, then abandoned), and hopefully my first territory to not get abandoned, Apawiland.

I have been warned verbally by admins three times? The last warn which I received was in 28 June, 2018, approximately 05:17 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

First warning for editing in what is now Nordmark. Second warning for editing in UL215, then banned for a day. Third warning for editing in Langolia Canyon, Pretany.

I can speak English rather professionally, but it is not my native language. Instead, my mother tongue is Hindi. I can read Japanese-usually hiragana and katakana- but I cannot understand much. I know some kanji, too, but, as stated previously, I cannot understand it.

In the past five years of my life, I've attended eight different schools (due to my father finding a good place for me and my sibling to study, and a better job, et cetera)?

I've lived in three different countries (India, the United States, and Japan)?

Where I have lived in order:

India —> US —> India —> US —> India —> Japan —> US


(Born) (LBT) (BTH) (LBT) (BTH) (New job) (New home)

LBT = Long business trip (father)

BTH = Back to home

When I was very young, I used to think that language was dependent on skin color (please don't judge me)?

I have a decent collection of coins? My rarest and most precious coin is the 2019 1 oz Australian Shipwreck Batavia Silver Coin of which only twenty-thousand were ever minted.


Sandbox for a future country.