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I am Izaland Terramorphing Committee (ITC), the owner and creator of Izaland. I started mapping in autumn 2018.

Izaland is a Japan (where I live) inspired country with some exotic addictions.

Izaland recently

Here are some of the focus point of Izaland developing.


As of the end of May, 2020, I have started up an international flight network for my main International airport, Sainðaul Asunahama International Airport. My hub airport is looking forward to receive new connections. If you want to fly your carrier to my airport, kindly let me know by private messages on OGF (

Railway System

Having mainly mapped the extension of Sainðaul, I have been developing the subway system with 17 lines and other minor railways (monorails, private railways, people movers etc).

Companies and business

Here [link to my sanbox to be added later] you can have a look at the main companies and business of Izaland.


I am an European (you can guess from where by my language chart) living in Japan for a long time. In my real life I work in the tourism, and especially fond of railways and aviation (that's why you can notice that my articles about Izaland have a special focus on them). Now, as you can imagine, I am not busy at all at work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so I am using my time to boost my activities on OGF.