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se-1 Dát geavaheaddji máhttá veaháš Sámegiela.

Hey! I'm a student from Sweden, studying urban planning at the univeristy of BTH (and have done for three years) who enjoys mapping on a larger scale every now and then. I am a founding member of the Mazan Flag.png Mazan collaboration. (The 'Arabic homeland' of OGF). Where I own Linya and Zakhta. I am also the coordinator of Ginnungaoyar/Islas Ballenas in southern Antarephia. My main territory however is the giant of the arctic, Ruoguovvás flag.png Ruoguovvás. If you want to collaborate in any way, send me a message and i'll be happy to see your ideas! If you simply disagree with something i've mapped, I would Love to know how it can be improved!

If you would like to correct me on naming in Ruoguovvás and happen to speak sámi (northern Sámi primarily) please do! I am certainly no expert in this language and any help is more than welcome! I may be born Norwegian, muhto mus lea sáme siellu ;)

Current Projects

The main stuff I'm working on at the moment. (I blatantly stole this profile template straight from Lithium's profile who in turn stole it from BMSOUZA and JoJoBa. Ah I love the internet <3)

Map Notes

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Northeastern islands Ginnungaoyar flag.png Ginnungaoyar
  • As part of my collaborative project I'm tasked with mapping a faroese style coverage of nature on the islands
  • This is one of the least populated regions of the country
  • Progress is steady and I hope my quality will improve as I learn
Map Notes

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Jiemie, Ruoguovvás flag.png Ruoguovvás (Jiemias)
  • The capital of Ruoguovvás, progress is slow
  • The city is inspired by many cities in scandinavia like Sundsvall, Luleå/Luleju and most notably Stockholm/Stockholbma
  • I will probably break the boring grids a bit more and make it interesting
  • Train stations will change as well, I want to have three on the main island

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Pohhállakksót, Ruoguovvás flag.png Ruoguovvás (Jiemias)
  • A group of islands a while south of the arctic circle
  • The islands are Based on Åland with the city itself being heavily inspired by Mariestad
  • I greatly enjoy mapping in this area from time to time and am developing the regions history and culture together with Olejowy
  • I agree that these island are slightly overpopulated, the reason for that is the Suolitsillimi peoples who migrated to the islands as they were driven off of lands further south and the mainland.

Territories I own(ed):

Name Info Status
Gharbiya My first territory. I purged all but the natural mapping when I abandoned it. I hope to be able to remake it at some point as I absolutely loved it, the reason I abandoned it was because I started working in Mazan with the same climate... And Northern Tarephia is Beyond empty Former territory.
Linya/لينيا A wilaya of Mazan with a long history and ancient pre-muslim remnants and the seat of the empire of Fidah in the ancient era. A bit of a wild-card in Mazan today as a sizable part of the population seeks independence. Active.
Zaktha/زختا A wilaya of Mazan which I work on from time to time but haven't had much interest in recently. It's still an interesting enough place, very poor yet very loyal to the sultan and is generally the place of "the warrior elite of Mazan" On hold.
Ruoguovvás flag.png Ruoguovvás My main territory based on an independent Sámi nation with high levels of regional autonomy, The territory is huge and thus progress is slow, I don't suspect I will finish this territory any time soon. Which I am quite happy about :) Active.
Ginnungaoyar flag.png Ginnungaoyar A group of islands in the far south based on the Faroe islands (if they didn't have denmark to pay for infrastructure), a far off ex-colony of Norðurland bought from Castellan. If you're interested in joining, check the collab page Coordinator.


Ruoguovvás flag.png Ruoguovvás UL12b: 892551 nodes + 15763 ways + 474 relations = 908788 in total