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Saturday, 9th December 2017

Hello Dear OGF users, it's that time of the year again. Hope your'e all having a great time.

Today, I want to share my latest project beginning, and I hope at least this one will survive more than a week before being abandoned.

The Summary

So, about a week and a half ago, I had this magical idea. And it was to continue @eklas' work and finish the railway 020 (now Litvanian 010) all the way to Loravia. He agreed, and so I started work on the Kolin area, and the surroundings reaching Lešovský Hrad. The project consists of 4 stages. The first is the one I completed this week, the second is the one between L. Hrad and Širava n/Pr. (that's the one I'll hopefully get to work on this week), the third between Širava and a small town called Bielšava. The fourth finally connects Odrava and Loravia together.

The Litvanian part of the railway is not as glamorous and diverse as the Drabantian one, because it's shorter and the terrain it crossed is mainly hills, even small mountains in places. However, the views will certainly be beautiful.


Kolin is a historically important city which served (and still serves) as the second most important port city in Litvania. It's also arguably the second largest.

The city lies on the Bráh; the trans-Litvanian river, and the suburbs stretch out to the foothills of the Pánovské vrchy hills. Kolin is split also split on the border. The Drabantian side, creatively named Drabantský Kolín (😁), is smaller and has a similar geography.

Kolin is famous for being a largely industrial city, making most of its GDP from shipyards and the harbor.

Initial plan for area, forests have changed drastically since.

Hlázov & Mostov

These two lie nestled in the hills, and aren't that significant.


This place is mostly known for the landscape and holiday resorts in the area. Due to tourism it has grown a lot since it was popularized as a destination. Hlázov lies right underneath the hill Hlázy, which roughly translates to 'boulders'.


The local brewery; Mostovský pivovar, has been famous since it opened in 1531. It made the town famous along with it. Other trivia about this place include canoeing, and more holiday resorts.

Lešovský Hrad

Built around a castle long ago, L. Hrad operated an iron foundry, until it was closed due to pollution reduction reasons in 2000. Since then, problems with unemployment arose, and the town is suffering a massive depopulation crisis. Within the problems lies beauty however. The Old Town is quite remarkable, with pretty 17th century style merchant houses.

So yeah, I'm drawing a railway now. Cheerio!

Comments and Appreciation appreciated

i only now realized i don't have a stable readership because of my rare posting. oh well, too bad i guess.