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About myself
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AR120-Option17-flag.png This user owns Trinity Island in OGF.

Hello to the entire OGF community! I am Mapping Expert, owner of Trinity Island. In real life I am a graphic designer and I live in the city of London. I can help you with whatever you want, as long as you contact me through OGF.

Countries on OGF

In Opengeofiction I started contributing in Luciano Flag Rhododactylia.png Rhododactylia but then I was approved as a mapper of Rusky.jpg Antigo, until I finally became the owner of Lost country.png Déserts. However, this mapping did not favor my style and I finally ended up in AR120-Option17-flag.png Trinity Island, a state of Federal States.


If you want to see my projects and my plans, visit my sandbox here.

My projects in OGF

Trinity Island

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AR120-Option17-flag.png Trinity Island it's a state of Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States located in the Southeast Region of the country. The cities are inspired by Massachusetts, and the capital is inspired by Boston. The natural aspect and the territory itself is inspired by Rhode Island to get a prominent status in Federal States. The main cities and mapped areas will appear below:


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Clifgate is a town located in the eastern part of Atwick Island, in the state of Trinity Island. It is based mainly on Plymouth, Massachusetts, and it also has a similar history, since here there came Atwick, the ship that brought the Pilgrims to Federal States. Therefore, it is one of the first permanent colonies in the country.

Holy Island

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Holy Island is a small island located in the new archipielago of Trinity Island (created with the help of the admin wangi). I still don't have a definite history for this island, but I'm thinking that it had an old colony. I'm currently developing natural features.