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Now that I have a close to painful amount of free time, my mind is always flooded with things to do at JOSM and having drawn maps literally since childhood, I think it's moment to pour this ideas somewhere (I hope this is the right place!)

The Fountain of inspiration

Most of the time that I don't spend here in OGF actually mapping, I'm probably looking the wiki or the map to look for some inspiration and how-tos for my cities. Maybe I'm so invested into watching what others do that I keep forgetting to do things for myself. Anyway, I got some inspiration to do interesting things in my vast country. One of the first thing I got to do is the fairgrounds for the 1932 Adarian Worlds' Fair in my capital, Nichiuri. I have still to look for people to have their country palaces claimed, so feel free to comment if you want your country in display for your early 20th century advancements in transportation and telecommunications.

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Adariaflag.png A call to arms

What I'm working on now

I'm into a bit of an ambitious project in the old quarter of Nichiuri. When I first drew that part of the city, I wanted to make it look disordered, but it was difficult for me to do so, and when I built the buildings it looked like a complete mess, with streets way too wide for an old city inside a wall. So I deleted all buildings in the city and decided to make it a little bit more "packed" with narrow streets, some where a car doesn't even fit, and big spaces for people to walk around, as in a modern old city fashion. In order to keep the detail, I am building the buildings (heh) individually between city blocks, and I have even gotten to the point to draw the sidewalks. My JOSM files look like a mess down there, and I don't even think everything is displaying properly.

This should be a very touristy area, so if anyone wants to bring their hotel-restaurant-clothing chain here, I can give it a chance.

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Adariaflag.png Attention to Detail

The Japanese challenge

Everytime I think about Tineta in the great scheme of Adaria, I think about it as The most Japanese-looking city in the country, with all the features a Japanese small-sized city could provide. I started drawing a triangular shaped wall into a river junction, but shortly after I became to realize how terrible that was for my purpose. After doing a bit of research, I think I can say I'm satisfied the way this is looking, and I'll for sure try to have fun making a semi-rural Japanese flatland city around the mountains, just by the lake.

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Adariaflag.png The Edo of its time

Foreign affairs

I've gotten into the point in my development where I'm actually thinking I'm here to stay, and I usually come to think about what my position into this OGF world is. Being right in front of the "California" of the FSA makes me think about the possible migration fluxes across the channel, and the proximity of so many Spanish-speaking countries in the vicinity (The Ardisphere, Balonis, Castilea Archantea...) makes me think of an intensive trade and cooperation network between all those. Also there's the Japanese question: where do all the people living in the Japanese colony come from? I'm also wondering if I should do any collaboration work with AR120-84 (Or Cosperica, as it has been named recently). But my knowledge of USA-styled cities is limited, and I think I have enough work with what I have now. But I'd love to see that state coming forward to shape soon.

You can comment here below, thank you!

I don't know how to timestap at all, but I have a Japanese inspired country Hoppon. You can look into my city Marie City and then their is Tengappei, which has OGFmapicon.png Oniko probably the best example of a Japanese city on the map currently. User: Portopolis