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The page is a Mstr sandbox and helps to check the mapping progress in Mergany. It can be taken as a guidance what should be mapped.






Structure and landuse



Utilities and disposal


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Churches and cemeteries

main churches: Reformatic Church in Mergany, Mergan Ortholic Church, Freedenom Church

other religions:



Government and administrative buildings


Justice and prisons




Shops and restaurants

Sport venues


Further issues

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Template test for overview map


       "ogfId": "UL114c",
       "name": "Antharia",
       "rel": 75779,
       "status": "owned",
       "owner": "stjur",
       "deadline": "",
       "comment": "",
       "constraints": []
       "ogfId": "UL114c",
       "name": "Antharia",
       "rel": 75779,
       "status": "owned",
       "owner": "stjur",
       "deadline": "",
       "comment": "",
       "constraints": []
       "ogfId": "AN121",
       "name": "Paravel",
       "rel": 84531,
       "status": "owned",
       "owner": "trebor",
       "deadline": "",
       "comment": "",
       "constraints": []
       "ogfId": "AN122",
       "name": "Eravel",
       "rel": 8689,
       "status": "available",
       "owner": "admin",
       "deadline": "",
       "comment": "",
       "constraints": []