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List of regions of Vodeo

This is a list of regions of Vodeo that are not provinces. The most commonly known regionalisation is the governmental division of the state into regions for economic development purposes. These divisions are known as regions, counties, or districts, depending on the province.


Avalon is divided into x counties:

  • Cobo
  • Pralack
  • Sandrina (Empire's End, Mansfield, and Far North)


Cambria is divided into six counties:

  • Brynderwynshire (Brynderwyn, Marazan, and the Colony Coast)
  • Cormshire (Airedale, Crafers, Fairlie, and Longlac Districts)
  • Holmeshire (Holme)
  • Pentland (Pentland DistrictTindalls Bay)
  • Rabeshire (Culwawa District )
  • Sabon (Caroline, Ladron, and Raleigh)


Havilland is divided into x regions:

  • Cobrento
  • Riverland


Queensborough is divided into x regions:

  • Cobrento
  • Indigo
  • Loudran
  • Silverton
  • Tarrack

St Austell

St Austell is divided into four regions:

  • Grable (Razorback, Grable, and part of the Batley-Cadenhead Districts)
  • Greater Saviso (Saviso, Cape Morley, part of the Aberfeldy, Audhill, Batley-Cadenhead, Hunter, Trig, and Voces council areas)
  • Ranmora-Gardiner (Storbada, Otway, and part of the Audhill and Voces council areas)
  • Tohill (south-western St Austell)