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Hello all. I’m from the nation of Texas (yeah, that really is some folks’ attitude here) and current owner of Castine 8, 14.5, 4 on the west coast of Tarephia. I don’t really like the idea of pointing to a country in our world as my inspiration, but it saves a lot of time so what the heck: Castine bears a resemblance to Canada (but with the climate of Senegal :). I enjoy mapping details, so there are islands of fairly finely-resolved stuff surrounded by a lot of blank in my country. Two areas with the most development are in the middle of the Franquese-speaking north and the southwest coast.

Someday I hope to finish a JOSM plug-in that will generate acceptable maps of many square km of rural land at a time given a few boundary conditions and some basic inputs of topography and climate - but that’s my long-term project. In the short run, I’m closing I’m on finishing that metro area on my southwest coast. Y’all should consider a vacation there, but don’t go in July or August unless you enjoy counting your daily rain by tens of cm ;). I recommend the Grand Bliswater hotel at the just-opened Freeze the Coast indoor winter sports center 17, 12.464, 1.713 . But that’s only because I don’t like hot weather.

Feel free to say hello! Check out my draft wiki pages for my current project in my Sandbox.