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About me

My name is Fernando. I am currently living in República Argentina (since I was born at least!). Currently 19 years old, I have been interested in developing fictional maps since the age of 2. I used to draw streetmaps using a pen and a paper, having done a 4x4 A4 map (16 A4 papers together). However in the latest years I slowly started to lose interest on it. But then, I met awesome games such as Simcity 4, Cities XL, Cities in Motion 2 and latest adquisition: Cities: Skylines. Currently I'm trying to become a Systems Engineer.


Besides mapping, I am a fan of online games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, DayZ, and many more. I also love driving my 2012 Volkswagen Gol whenever I can.


Renkistan is a country which is being developed by me. I will be posting stuff on the Wiki whenever I am able to but due to work and studies it may take a long time to finish it.




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