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Hi! I'm Taka, she who has tasked herself with building LonsFlag.svg Lons, a nation meant to house Lonish [1], an a priori conlang by me (which means that it's a constructed language without any purposeful linguistic hooks towards natural languages). Apart from Lonish, I speak Dutch natively, and English fluently, and not much else, although I suppose you could talk to me in German and perhaps I'll know what you're trying to say. But, if you're reading this, there's a very low chance you'd prefer speaking German to me anyway.

Not exactly sure what else to put here, but feel free to hit up the my Talk: for any questions you might have that I could potentially answer (or anything else really). PMing me also works.

(This page not constructed just to make my name blue.)

Everything down from here is just kind of a sandbox, mostly information that I've gone and used while not really being relevant enough (yet?) to warrant its own wiki page.

List of Lonish Presidents

Lons became a republic in 1902, terms last for 3 years with a max of 3 terms per president.

1902 - 1905 | Himân Pêtrîs

1905 - 1908 | Himân Pêtrîs

1908 - 1911 | Himân Pêtrîs

1911 - 1914 | Zurê Britgin

1914 - 1917 | Firbadâ Ugus

1917 - 1919 | Firbadâ Ugus (term ended prematurely due to passing of Ugus)

1919 - 1920 | Elimân Pêrkêrzol (Pêrkêrzol was the vice-president to Ugus)

1920 - 1923 | Elimân Pêrkêrzol

1921 - 1926 | Elimân Pêrkêrzol

1924 - 1929 | Hevêrts Vitîrn

1929 - 1932 | Hevêrts Vitîrn

1932 - 1935 | Geîêrmâ Elitîs

1935 - 1938 | Geîêrmâ Elitîs

1938 - 1941 | Geîêrmâ Elitîs

1941 - 1944 | Bitglâsp Morvôlvel

1944 - 1947 | Iglêr ên Sekâ

1947 - 1950 | Iglêr ên Sekâ

1950 - 1953 | Iglêr ên Sekâ

1953 - 1956 | Aliâ Fâsirn

1956 - 1959 | Aliâ Fâsirn

1959 - 1962 | Uslâ Irobûs

1962 - 1965 | Rikên Herêbrûnk

1965 - 1968 | Rikên Herêbrûnk

1968 - 1971 | Rikên Herêbrûnk

1971 - 1974 | Omnâ Fâstabê

1974 - 1977 | Omnâ Fâstabê

1977 - 1980 | Zânt Pôpêl

1980 - 1983 | Agari Meskhôv

1983 - 1986 | Vurê Zagriêv

1986 - 1989 | Vurê Zagriêv

1989 - 1992 | Vurê Zagriêv

1992 - 1995 | Vôntlêr Wânz

1995 - 1998 | Îanâ Deîkli

1998 - 2001 | Vôntlêr Wânz

2001 - 2004 | Vôntlêr Wânz

2004 - 2007 | Wertê Tulbên

2007 - 2010 | Wertê Tulbên

2010 - 2013 | Girîn Vroz

2013 - 2016 | Fehês Havôn

2016 - now | Fehês Havôn

Winnster Pre/Suffixes in Placenames

This is adapted from the version I made for Lonish pre/suffixes here [2]

Prefix (winn) Derived from Lonish meaning
Abb- Âbo- forest
Am- Âm- towards
Arch- Ârk- great
Ash- Âst- next to
Bar-, Bass- Bâr-, Bâs- heath
By- Bi- near
Banes- Bnas- east
Broad- Brot- old
Boole- Bul- flower
Day- De- granted to
Dong- Dôn- across
Aye- Eti- small
Fynn-, Finn- Fîn- bog
Hay- Geg- opposite
Eere- Hir- south
Inn- Inuî- salt
Jus- Îust- court
Cart- Kârt- building
Chane- Klan- north
Clear- Klir- key
Onch- Ôns- oxen
Pall- Pâl- sand
Place- Plâs- moat
Pong- Pôn- west
Ray- Regi- king
Soon- Sîun- god's
Stay- Stîe- oak
Cheem- Tgim- developed
Chin- Tgin- tranquil
Doom-, Zoom-, Tîum- down, lower
Hue- Ug- red
Fare- Var- escape
Fair- Ver- beautiful, fair
Wone- Wog- new, young

Suffix (winn) Derived from Lonish meaning
-hack -âkâ resting place
-ham -âmâ bridge
-arch -ârkôg field
-bone -bon -forest
-bury -bûr estate
-buyes -budos orchard
-dass -dâsk elevated road
-dome -dom houses
-elve -êlvê fork, crossroads
-fare -far sluice
-chore -gtor pier
-eard, -ard -hârt city
-oze -hotô valley
-ole -hol highland
-ove -hov garden
-hoole -hul river
-carr -kerê industry
-kinch -kîrz church
-lingue, -kling -klînk curve in road
-leethe -lit river
-long -lôn land
-lunth -lûnt camp
-mayr, -meere -mer, -mir temple
-moone -mun land, earth
-off -ôft peninsula
-ore -or coast
-place -plâs moat
-reele -rigol estuary
-sass -sâs safety
-stann -stân far land
-starr -stâr hiding place
-stay -stîe oak
-tour -stur road, route
-doome -tîum lower
-cheat -tlit peninsula
-toole -tul beautiful
-vale -vel -mountain
-vayne, -wayne -ven route, road
-folk, -fores -vôlk, -vôrst neighbourhood
-wand -wând quay
-wilt -wîlt swamp, marsh
-wind -wînz peninsula

Other Pre/Suffixes for Winn

Suffix (winn) meaning
-wolde land near river
-whilde curve in river
-ton town
-muthe estuary
-thumbe hamlet

Winnster Titles

official titles, used until 1904 reform and their current usage

King (Kingdom) (now: Winn)

Duke (Duchy) (now: regions)

Margrave (Margravate) (now: no longer exist in any official shape)

Baron (Barony) (now: baronies)

Count (County) (now: optionally used to partition baronies)

Mayor (Borough) (now: municipalities)

Deaf Streets

In Winnster postal services, deaf streets is the common term for streets that have no houses on them. Commonly, these are either short connecting streets, or large roads. It is not uncommon for a street to be marked a deaf street while still having one or two houses on it - these houses are commonly then addressed as part of a nearby street.