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Hi! I'm Taka, she who has tasked herself with mapping Aerágny, a language that uses a conlang, Aeránanue which I created. Outside of Aeránanue, I speak Dutch natively, and English fluently, and not much else, although I suppose you could talk to me in German and perhaps I'll know what you're trying to say. But, if you're reading this, there's a very low chance you'd prefer speaking German to me anyway

Not exactly sure what else to put here, but feel free to hit up the my Talk: for any questions you might have that I could potentially answer (or anything else really). PMing me also works.

(This page not constructed just to make my name blue.)

Everything down from here is just kind of a sandbox, mostly information that I've gone and used while not really being relevant enough (yet?) to warrant its own wiki page.

Pre/Suffixes in Aerágny

Aeránanue meaning Winn suffix
-all -alla next to
-ham -amme bridge
-arc -arke estuary
-arly -arly church
-(o)dem -audemm stream
-aud -audh stone
-avo -avau belonging to
-ball -ball town
-bar -barr island
-blue -blugne orchard
-bate, -bade -bádh field
-catt -chattu road
-catty -chatty crossroads
-chell, -cell -chell neighbourhood
-chee -chis near
-ckof, -cof -coff fort
-cost -cost building
-seckon, -sackon -céchon station
-thumbe -dheumbh hamlet
-thot, -dott -dhott route
-doore, -doure -dhure resting place
-fang -fang city
-flee -fly mine
-eming, -gemm -gheming harbor
-git(t), -kit(t) -gitt heath
-iber, -ibre, -iby -iber towards
-ico -iquos sluice
-wass, -wach -joiçe monastry
-jaff, -jave -jáfe crossing
-karry -kharri castle
-kyn(n) -khyn land
-lact -lacty neighbourhood
-liss -liss swamp
-lom -lomme central
-wame, -lame -luame market
-nilly -nilly bridge
-ousen, -ouss -ousen around
-cart, -quart -quart village
-cute -qutty quay
-row, -roge -rauge forest
-san(ne) -sang garden
-sow -sode valley
-stoop -stoubh hamlet
-tin(n), -thin(n) -teine house
-whilde -uilde curve in river
-wolde -uoll moat
-ula, -wool(e) -uula river
-ferray, -fray, -fair -veiré shrine
-vish, -vits -viche temple
-faw, -aff -áfoi across
-ayng(e) -égne safety
Aeránanue meaning Winn prefix
Ala- Ala- new
Ast(r)- Aster- river
Od-, Aud- Audh- stone
Aut- Auty- stone
Basc-, Bask- Basc- heath
Bed- Bid- great
Cali-, Caly- Calli far
Camp-, Chamb- Camb- court
Char- Char- forest
Chut-, Hut- Cheudh- ox
Lige-, Clig- Clijeau- beauty
Corst- Corstá- emperor
Cosqu-, Cosk-, Cosc- Cosc- build
Dern-, Derre- Derrenn- salt
Dose- Dhose- north
Uch-, Ecc- Echá- red
Eld- Eld- flower
Fell- Fell- south
Fitch-, Fich- Fitc- tranquil
Fov-, Fiv- Fobh- temple
Four-, For- Four- old
Gooch-, Gouc- Gukh- stream
Gyd- Gydre- king
Yuf-, Huf- Huv- God
Isk-, Isqu-, Isc- Isc- industrial
Lons-, Lonc- Lonce- Lons
Myn-, Min- Myne- east
Ott- Ott- opposite
Peg-, Peck- Pegg- boulder
Pay- Péd- high
Qua-, Kay- Quae- high
Quot-, Kot- Quott- low
Ray- Rae- low
Tick- Tik- small
Tuck- Tukh- sand
Yuri-, Uri- Uric- ash tree
Vix-, Vick- Vix- bog
Yall-, Jall- Yall- coast
Ick-, Yck- Ykk- old
Syn-, Syno- Syner- west
Alo-, Lomm- Álomm- central
Ale- Élh- belongs to

Aerá street names

In Aeránanue, street names usually follow a certain schema: [Name]-[suffix], such as for example: Rauda-chatt (Central-road). If the name consists of an adjective, the -y is removed from the adjective. If the name consists of a noun+adjective combination, it is simply entirely the name, but if the adjective refers to the road itself, it is placed at the end. While a suffix is not required, for example for names such as "Paráde", the most commonly used suffixes are:

  • chary (street)
  • toure (street)
  • chatt (road)
  • vé (way)
  • nilly (bridge)
  • amme (bridge)
  • quéry (square)
  • plaç (square)
  • nérce (path)
  • pyteu (track)
  • dhott (route)
  • perávé (coastway)
  • kuimde (alley)
  • nérlochatt (highway)
  • autové (highway)
  • hois (court)
  • irby (garden)
  • ollu (connector, a way with no addresses which serves only to connect two or more other streets)