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Jardinian Civil War
ResultPopular faction victory
Popular faction
  • Popular Army
  • Communist Party of Jardinia (until 1987)
  • Workers' Party (from 1987)
  • Workers' Confederation
  • Socialist Party of Jardinia
  • General Workers' Commission
  • Proletarian League
Patriotic faction
  • Rebel Army
  • Patriotic Alliance
  • Catholic and Traditional Party
  • Jardinian Nationalist Party
  • Zódar Liberation Front
  • National Union Forces
  • Politics

    Although Jardinia's constitution defines the country as a "parliamentary democratic republic", it also states that "parties must have the permission of the parliament to concur to the elections", which has translated into that, since the new constitution was enacted, only the Workers' Party and allies have representation.

    The legislative branch is exercised by the Cortes de las Islas, a bicameral parliament with a house for political parties called Chamber of Legislators and a house for trade unions called Social Assembly. The executive power is exercised by the Government. The Prime Minister is chosen by the Parliament. The head of state is the President, who is chosen in elections. As of 2020, the Prime Minister is Carlos Reandé and the President is Bienvenido Galmasí, who is also the President of the Workers' Party.


    The Parliament of Jardinia (Cortes de las Islas) is bicameral, consisting of the Chamber of Legislators (the lower house, for political parties) and the Social Assembly (the upper house, for trade unions). Each of them has 50 members elected by six constituencies (matching the partidos) by proportional representation. Its current composition since the elections in January 2020 is:


    15, -38.6528, 10.6029
    CountryJardinian flag.png Jardinia
     • PartidoIslas Nostras
     • 3.79 km2
    1.46 sq mi
     • Estimate (2016)16,000
     • Density4,221.6/km2

    Sargrades (Castellanese: Salgáridas) is an island and municipality of Jardinia. It is the easternmost island of the archipelago and the nearest to the continent.

    Sargrades has an area of 3.79 square kilometres and a population of 16,000 people. Its main industries are fishing, agriculture, tourism and stonework. The island is served by an airport with daily flights to Mondeonís and Dosén and a port with ferry routes to Gibalbar, Dosén and other towns and cities.

    Jardinian Castellanese

    Jardinian Castellanese is the variety of Castellanese spoken in Jardinia. It is spoken by the vast majority of the population of the country.



    • Letters ⟨z⟩, ⟨c⟩ and ⟨s⟩ are not differentiated and are prononced with a voiceless denti-alveolar sibilant similar to [θ].
    • Aspiration of implosive [s] and assimilation before a velar sound.
    • [g], [c] and [h] change to [b] when preceded by the vowel [u].