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yue 呢位用户嘅母语粤语/广州话
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Fellow mapper,

Welcome to my profile webpage. You may regard me as 'TCC' (my username initials).

I am Hong Kong Chinese and Canadian. 🇭🇰🇨🇳🇨🇦

OGF-mapping is my one of two hobbies. I co-ordinate the 'blue' / open collaborative territory of Mecyna (map; article; co-ordination page), map 绣絿 / 繡絿 Tú cầu / Xiù Qiú / Shaachrau / Hydrangea and have been intermittently improving the coherency of mapping in the other 'blue' / open collaborative territories for the last 3 years and counting.

Should you have any enquiries about me and my work, you may message me via the messaging feature within OGF, contact me on my discussion page or privately message me via Discord (username is 'The_Cute_Chick#9345') or the unofficial OGF server on Discord.

I thank you for your time and attention. Happy mapping! 😌✨