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Portal of Aorangēa and East Anglesbury

Aorangēa is a federal republic composed of nine nations and four territories. It is located about 600km off the south-western Kartumian coast, and 400km south of New Ingerland. It shares a major land border with East Anglesbury as well as a smaller one with New Ingerland on a shared island. The majority of the population speaks local Kartumian dialacts of Ingerish, while in some areas other languages, idigenous as well as immigrated ones, dominate. The country consists of many islands, the largest three being Anglesbury, Youcesterland and Kiranēna Island.

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11.6°C / 53°F

East Anglesbury is an overseas territory of Ingerland located on Anglesbury Island off the South Western Kartumian coast. It was part of the Colony of Anglesbury from 1808 to 1836. The eastern parts of the colony remained loyal to the crown and kept colony status. During decolonization its status was changed to Overseas Territory in 1973.

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The Furzedale Swamps, where most people own a boat instead of a car. Just a tram-train ride away from Fawltryncham and you can ejoy a day in the green.
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Lottery Ticket

Gambling is a strongly regulated commercial activity in Aorangēa. The most popular game is the weekly lottery, where 8 numbers are drawn from a pool of 33.

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Did You Know...
  • ... that the Yulemon Cup is held every two or three years?
  • ... that East Anglesbury does not use numbered roads. Instead all roads have a name?
  • ... that the flags of Aorangëa and its sub-entities for naval use have their blue (or occasionally green) colours replaced by red to enhance visibility at sea?
  • ... that Bertha McNaughton bought a tram from the money she won the horses?

This week's lottery numbers:

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