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Williamsdene Central
Commuter/Inter-city station
Christchurch railway station, 1960.jpg
Williamsdene Central Station, 1960.
Williamsdene, BEAU
Coordinates-49°25'3.54"S, -143°26'30.1194"W
Elevation15 metres (49 ft)
Owned byNew Ingerland Railways
Operated byBeaufortshire Transport Board
      BTB Goodwood Line
      BTB Lyngford Line
      BTB Waihou Line
      Sprint Rail
Platforms4 × terminating
Train operatorsBTB Commuter, Sprint Rail
Bus stands2
Bus operatorsWilliamsdene Buses
Architectural styleModern
Other information
Station codeWDE
ClassificationClass 1
Passengers324,760 (2018) 

Williamsdene Central is a transport interchange situated in the regional city of Williamsdene, New Ingerland. The interchange services as the terminus for all BTB Commuter services, as well as the North Coast and Williamsdene Sprint Rail services.


Williamsdene Central first opened as a railway station in 1932. A timber-built station located to the west of Beatrice Street served as the temporary station until the completion of the current brick and concrete building in 1938. Provision was made in the original design for two additional platforms, but even well in to the XXI century these have not been needed.



[WDE] Williamsdene Central station platforms
Stop Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
WDE01 1  North Coast Sprint  Limited stops. Booked passengers only Port Frederick Daily
Limited stops. Booked passengers only Goodwood Daily
 Williamsdene Sprint  Limited stops. Booked passengers only Kingsbury Central Mon, Wed, Fri
WDE02 2  BTB Goodwood Line  All stations Goodwood Every 60 minutes weekdays, 120 minutes off-peak
 BTB Lyngford Line  All stations Lyngford Every 60 minutes weekdays, 120 minutes off-peak
WDE03 3  BTB Goodwood Line  Limited, Express Goodwood 3× Daily
 BTB Lyngford Line  Limited, Express Lyngford 3× Daily
 BTB Waihou Line  Limited, Express Waihou 2× Daily
WDE04 4  BTB Waihou Line  All stations Waihou Every 60 minutes weekdays, 120 minutes off-peak

BTB Commuter

BTB Commuter operate three services from the interchange; and the station is the busiest on the network. Commuter services operate from platforms 2-4.

Sprint Rail

Sprint Rail, the national rail passenger service, operate two services from the station; the daily North Coast Sprint, which continues on to Goodwood; and the three-day per week Williamsdene Sprint, which termintes at the interchange. All Sprint services run from platform 1 only.





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