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10 June 2017: I need to stick to my goals (or: _zM discovers things he should have tried out a long time ago)

So much happened over the past months. Mostly outside of OGF, but also around it. I actually did very little mapping the entire time because of school work and also my relative lack of inspiration for things that go on the map. I have started a language, a political system and a new administrative division hierarchy. Of course, you can't see that on the map (yet). What you can see, however, is an area around the village of Istenberg, which is where this title comes into play. Enjoy the multipolygons (maybe. Still looks a bit rough around the river.)

Loading map...


02.04.2017: Forests and experiments

I redid the basic shape of the forest that I slapped in the middle of the island to make it more realistic. Also, I am trying out the technique of drawing pedestrian areas as areas. Works so far. Other than that, I really didn't do too much on the map, though I did think about history. According to the timeline of Ingerish colonial history, the Ingerish went on an expedition around Tarephia and passed Abrilleron between 1540 and 1544. Or not, if they stayed close to the coasts.

23.03.2017: Pareannoa, South Bank roads & rail overhaul

Previously, the railway line from Akesia to Borders City entered BoCy from the southeast, after a weird curve inland. This was a remnant of the previous location of Borders City. I replaced this with a line from the southwest instead, which is way straighter and makes more sense. I kept the stub to Zaysberg, which I intend to make part of the commuter rail system. I also started building a main station for Borders City; there are only tracks and platforms so far but I'll continue work soon.

Also, I mapped half of Pareannoa and roads in the South bank neighborhood in Borders City, created a rail tunnel for regional trains, generally improved railway mapping and added some roads for the future.

I don't know what to put into the multimap here...

19.03.2017: Gerasey + plans for Borders City

Continuing what I did over the last few days, I continued on the mainland by creating the town of Gerasey. We're quite close to Borders City at this point, so there will be a lot of commuters to Borders city living here.

Speaking of Borders City, it actually used to be where Gerasey is now, Yohavlock was were Borders City is currently, and Antir was a northerly suburb, best reached by tram. Instead of trams, this Borders City will have a commuter rail system with maybe four lines and a bigger bus system instead. The 200 trunk road will be a major axis inside the city; there will also be a major road going east to west near the Hav river. Yohavlock will have a university.

Loading map...

Also, Sepher has named roads now.

16.03.2017: Sepher Island

I decided it might be worth creating a bliki, because I have a plan.

That plan being to redraw Abrilleron in its entirety, in 2017 and (maybe) 2018.

I will keep basic structures intact (i.e. existing cities won't move, the rivers won't change much), but I plan to just make it look better, in a consistent style, and more realistic, including a massive population overhaul. The current Abrilleron has a way too high population density, and I want to change that.

So I started some work yesterday.

Loading map...

This is Sepher Island, the island of rocks, picturesque towns, bridges and a railway with extremely narrow curve radii. Before that this spot was already occupied by an Island, and there was a Sepher on it, but it was a awful-looking island with questionable roads and weirdly oval-shaped, but that was before I found out how great FastDraw is. I made the island shape very quickly, and it may show, but it's way better now.

The island still needs detailing work, but it's definitely not bad I think. I plan to do more work on it this weekend.

ZM (aka _zM on OGF) (talk) 21:16, 16 March 2017 (CET)

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