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Achtung.svg This page is just drafts for proposals or plans that require user consenus. Feel free to browse through, otherwise you can safely ignore.

This is based on this forum post.

This is just a draft focusing mainly on northern Archanta.

Cultural map?

Archanta cultural map vision.png

Just discuss if you think there's something wrong with it.

June 2020: New updated map focussing on northern Archanta instead.

Old Discussion

Your "Latin America" is there, where now is a french cluster and a low-kalmish land (Zylanda)--Histor (talk) 12:10, 17 September 2019 (CEST)

The "Latin America" of OGF is supposed to be Tarephia. I would think of that area as closer to Africa. --Yoyo21 (talk) 14:14, 17 September 2019 (CEST)

Yeah I also thought so. It was previously, but now we have quite a bunch of Spanish speaking nations there. It can be a cluster of pseudo Asian languages as well combined with Spanish, as what Adaria is doing.--Happy mapping and God blesses you, ZK (talk) 15:51, 17 September 2019 (CEST)

Zhenkang, I think you should be careful of superimposing your own ideas on Archanta, especially with the unknown factor, Commonia. Here are my observations on the challenges Archanta faces:

  • There is no guidance from admin on Archanta overall, so you have a few opportunities here:
    • You can develop Archanta organically, taking what already exists and developing a plausible plan for Archanta. You have a lot of flexibility here, but you will need to set and manage expectations for all the mappers involved as you follow through with with new developments
    • If you prefer guidance from the admin instead, you can ask the admin what their vision is and work with it
    • You can pick a plan of action somewhere between these two extremes
  • As it is still largely unknown what Commonia will be, it is difficult to say how Archanta Major will affect the whole continent.
    • Alternatively, this is an opportunity for the Archantan community to propose something to the admin team (wangi) on Commonia's future
  • Archanta appears to be a patchwork of cultures, largely dominated by the FSA, CCA, and Commonia.
    • As far as I can tell, the agreed indigenous cultures in Archanta so far are inspired by the South African indigenous peoples and the indigenous peoples of the Americas.
    • The other cultures appear to be colonial in nature.
  • Mecyna is another blue country in Archanta; it is situated in a very strategic location in Archanta, so it might be good to also understand how Mecyna interacts with both north and south Archanta. This means mappers in Mecyna may need a separate vision for the territory so that it doesn't shift too much from the overall vision for Archanta.
  • Several mappers in Archanta are well-respected; I would especially get their inputs on what they envision Archanta to be

Chazeltine (talk) 17:46, 17 September 2019 (CEST)

Archanta gets the vast majority of new territory grants, and these are managed to a rough plan. It also has the bulk of the blue territories. Both these make it hard to progress this, especially while the rest of Commonia is pending review. /wangi (talk) 22:32, 17 September 2019 (CEST)
@Chazeltine I'm planning to work with wangi on this, but I am making a rough personal plan first and see how it works. I'm not really alone in this; I'm now in contact with other users on this and gathering more information on the prominent Archantan nations (at least, for the North side first, which has more indigenous cultures) to get a better pattern and eventually draw out a framework.
By the way, the map in my sandbox is just a draft and merely my observation of the pattern so far of cultures, and my predictions for the unoccupied ones. It's not meant to really be a framework. It may be inaccurate cos I dont know much of the nations at all. But if you can spot another pattern, feel free to propose here.--Happy mapping and God blesses you, ZK (talk) 01:22, 18 September 2019 (CEST)

Table for proposed languages (in detail)

RW Family groups:

Country id Name Brief description Language family Languages
Available territories
AR908 AR908 Another territory bordering Tengah Tauri Kra–Dai/ Austroasiatic Thai and Khmer can be used, with a variant of Malay for the region near Tengah Tauri. Native language can also be based on one or more of the Aslian languages (Austroasiatic language group spoken in Malaysia).
AR909 AR909 Next to Sin Se, a Bai country, at the end of the Muinon Peninsula Sino-Tibetan/ Austroasiatic Majority language can be Bai, though Austroasiatic languages (Khmer preferred) may be used.
AR911 AR911 Has a straight border with Tengah Tauri, a Melayish-speaking country, and has a long northern coast Kra–Dai/ Austronesian A combination of Thai and Malay languages is recommended in the region.
AR915 AR915 Has a small border with Tengah Tauri Austronesian/ Kra–Dai A Kra–Dai language (such as Lao or Zhuang) or any of the Bahnaric languages can be used.
AR916 AR916 Has a small coastline, which borders Tengah Tauri to the north Kra–Dai A Kra–Dai language (such as Lao or Zhuang) or a possible conlang based on Thai can be used.
AR917 AR917 A group of territories near central former Commonia Austroasiatic/ Hybrid Conlang An Austroasiatic language like the Sedang language can be adopted. Due to colonisation, speakers of the language may decline over time. (dictionary) Alternatively, conlangs can be used that can be vaguely inspired by Vietnamese or Chinese.
AR918 AR918 An Austronesian language like the Bahnar language can be adopted. Due to colonisation, speakers of the language may decline over time. (dictionary). Alternatively, conlangs can be used that can be vaguely inspired by Vietnamese or Chinese.
AR919 AR919 Sino-Tibetan/ Conlang hybrid Conlangs can be used that can be vaguely inspired by Vietnamese or Chinese.
AR921 AR921 Landlocked country, borders Tengah Tauri and Krinsech to the north Kra–Dai/ Austronesian/ Hybrid conlang Since it is landlocked, the native language used can be more isolationist, with conlangs possible, with influences from the various surrounding cultures.
Blue territories
AR902 West Commonia Three-island archipelago. Austronesian Suggested languages can be Javanese, Tagalog and other Indonesian native languages in the Celebes and Kalimantan
AR900 Commonia Southeastern portion of what used to be greater Commonia. Bantu Languages of Mozambique can be used for the region.
AR922 AR922 Central region of Archanta Minor. A possible bridge between the Austronesian and the other Archantan languages Austronesian/ Dravidian A possible Malay variant can be used, with some native influences. South Indian languages (e.g. Tamil) can also be used for a proposed Dravidian region.
AR923 AR923 Western region. Another possible bridge between the Austronesian and the other Archantan languages and a possible site for a Dravidian region. Dravidian The dominant native language can be taken from any South Indian languages (e.g. Tamil), for a proposed Dravidian region.
AR924 AR924 Western region. Bantu/ Austronesian A hybrid conlang of Malay and the Bantu languages is possible in this small region
AR925 AR925 Southwestern portion of former Commonia. Bantu/ Austronesian Bantu languages from Notmasi can be brought over, with Formosoan (Taiwanese) native languages on the peninsula.
Already occupied
AR903 Kuehong Military country, the majority are Kue (Vietnamese) with a significant Bai (Chinese) population. Bai had an impact on the local culture. Austroasiatic
  • Major: Kuehongese (Vietnamese), Bai (Mandarin)
  • Regional: Neeg (Hmong), Thoe (Shan), Pwaka (Karen), Slan (Nung)
AR904 Shaachrau/ Tucau Disputed islets between the Kue and the locals, who want independence. Locals have their own indigenous language. Hybrid conlang Shaa-jyn (conlang using Chinese characters and phonetics borrowed from Mon-Khmer/Austroasiatic languages)
AR905 Fayaan Northermost country in Archanta, formed as a result of Ulethan colonisation Indo-European Dutch, Castellan (Spanish)
AR907 Cinasia Pro-Chinese nation populated by Bai settlers. Sino-Tibetan Bai (Cantonese dialect). Other possible native languages like Hmong?
AR914 Shinminato Japanese-Chinese nation on the west coast, will be withdrawn Sino-Tibetan Ninwanese (Japanese) and Bai (Chinese). I strongly suggest using the Burmese language as the native language.
AR913 Krinsej New country in development. Austronesian/ Hybrid conlang According to owner: "Grinzian is meant to be an AA language that has developed so much that it appears more "refined" and also has a wider phonetic range due to various regional influences. Originally developed as an isolate, I (coshatiuav) tried to incorporate Mon-Khmer. It had an abugida that was retired in the 18-19th centuries."

Archanta Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (ARCEP)

The Archanta Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is a proposed trade agreement among various nations in northern and northeastern Archanta and some from eastern Uletha as well. Basically. it calls for the creation of a regional trade market, especially due to the fact that some nations, such as Rhododactylia, Laguna, Kuehong and Fayaan, are not in either the CARECU or the EUOIA. The proposal also calls for a possible regional rail and road project, a network of shipping and aviation connections and a regional disaster monitoring and warning system on typhoons and earthquakes.