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Hello guys!

My nickname is Voytek (Vøytek where it's allowed). My real name is Wojciech (Wojtek) and I live in Poland, very near to one of its biggest cities - Poznań. I'm 22 and I edit maps since I was about 14 although it wasn't regular. I helped creating and editing OSM. Then, in March 2013 I joined Waze, where I did the most edits in my "mapping career" :)

As you see, I love to take part in community projects, where I can share my ideas and work with others, work together and get in touch with interesting people.

I still improve and try new things in my project - Lost country.png Chastechek. I always strive for perfection, that's why my progress is really slow.

I'm currently busy with ProMods, the biggest map modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2.