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8, 36.976, 104.683
Socialist Republic of Uzkesh
Узкеш (Uzkeš)
Official Flag of Uzkesh
Largest cityVlas Shvet
NationalitiesUzkeshian (96%)
GovernmentSocialist Republic
 • Estimate (2020)4,642,000
 • Census (2020)4,452,153
HDI (2020)Increase 0.863
very high
CurrencyUzkeshian Dollar (UZK)

Uzkesh, officialy Socialist Republic of Uzkesh is a Socialist Republic located in southwest eastern Uletha. It is bordered by Esthyra on the west, ??? on the east, ??? and Ataraxia on the south. The only access of water is via the Kaspen Sea.


The north is mostly covered in steppe which also covers central Uzkesh, where it reaches the mountains of TBD, separating almost half of Uzkesh. The south is covered mainly by the TBD desert and dry steppe. The river of Arseni Pavlov crosses the entirety of Uzkesh, stopping at the TBD mountains.