Vandover/Laneston International Airport

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Vandover/Laneston International Airport (WAAT code- VDL, ANACA code- MFVL) is Freedemia's third biggest airport, after Sean Bond International Airport in Quentinsburgh and Franklinsburgh International in Franklinsburgh. It primarily serves the Laneston/Vandover metropolitan area, although it is used as a secondary airport for the Quentinsburgh area.

Z14, -2.81 °S, -2.39 °W
Vandover/Laneston International Airport
Vandover/Laneston International Airport
(national name)

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Basic information
Country FreedemianFlag1.png Freedemia
City Vandover
Passengers A lot (millions)
Direction Length
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Number Length
Highways U-8
Metro lines VAULT- Blue Line Metro, Aly/Betterview BRT


Ground Transportation

VAULT bus lines, Blue Line Metro and Aly/Betterview BRT all stop at the airport.


Vandover/Laneston International is looking very hard to become one of the major international hubs in Tarephia in light of a huge recent tourism boom. They are looking to expand to many more airlines and to expand to many more destinations. Developers are also in the midst of building a very nice hotel area north of the terminal, similar to the one recently constructed in Quentinsburgh.


Terminal Purpose Airlines Notes
Terminal A North International Flights Currently just FreedemiAir Originally built in 1982, remodeled in 2016.
Terminal A South Domestic Flights Currently just FreedemiAir Originally built in 1970, remodeled in 2016.
Cargo Terminal Cargo/Freight flights N/A Originally built in 1970, remodeled in 2016.

Current Airlines and Destinations

Airline Destination Terminal Notes
FreedemiAir (International) Latina_Ciudad, St. Richards, Khaiwoon, Gobras City, Tarott, Bend, Pyingshum, Remiville, Safrisco, Reback, Säntjana A Looking to expand to more locations
FreedemiAir (Domestic) Trenchent, Franklinsburgh, Anneitasburgh, Graham City A