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Demolition Derbies are the most controversial motorsport under OGFIA authorithy. Is played exclusively in Goytakanya, been considered the national sport.


Historically, the first car demolisher was the farmer Besmyr Eb Byllaka, from Bendera. Angry about two of his old cars, decided to colide them in his farmyard, stoping only when they turn in scrapmetal. The legend says Artan Eb Demolary, one of his employees, challenged Besmyr, asking for save one of the old cars if could scape with one of them. To avoid hurting Besmyr or his employee in a strong crash, the derby was played in the sand arena of rodeos from Byllaka`s farm. Besmyr won the challenge, but in the few minutes the "event" was taking place, a lot of people and employees had joined to watch the derby.

This way started a tradition, when the rich farmers decided get rid of their old cars during fairs or other rural events in their farms.

But it began to see as "sport" when Ardyan Eb Bogdany started buying old cars of people only to crash them in the fair of his farm, attracting so much people to the event, in 1999.

"Pro Era"

In 2001, visiting to relatives in Grakteh, Belaz Ek Varkuta, who lives in Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere since 10 years old, was very impressed with the demolition derbies, and decided creating Varkuta Motorparts, buying old cars and scrap metal in Ardisphere and providing parts to goytakano demolition racers.

Demolition derbies started to be televised in 2001 to all Goytakanya cities and towns.

Varkuta Demolition Series logo
In 2008, Varkuta bought the naming rights of the series, and since then, its called Varkuta Demolition Series.

The sport continued increasing, and, despite the only goytakanian interest in the sport, PetroCar, a foreigner fuel company, from Cariocas, sponsors the series since 2010.


Despite been played only in the small island of Goytakanya, there are several rules to demolition derbies. Usually, one to each city or town in the country. The most known are the Bhagurah rule and variations of Bendera rule. The only general rules with no variation are about avoiding crashes in driver`s door and about the safety to a driver of a finished car escaping during the match.

Bhagurah Rule

The racers needs completing a race course. Crashing and finishing opponents bring extra-points. Played in the only asphalt race course of the country, in capital, Bhagurah.

Bendera Rule

The most popular one. Played in a sand or mud unobstructed arena, simply. Ends when only one car is still running.

Other Rules

There are other rules, all of them, variations from Bendera rule. In Sytysha, there are some obstacles in the arena, as old tires; in Grakteh, racers run through a "Figure 8" racing course.


There are played 11 matches during the year. Usually, one in each town fair, except about Grakteh and Ylera, with two events each one.

There are not derbies in december, seem as a sacred month to goytakano people.

In beginnings, demolition derbies was only one atraction in the town fairs, when the people was more interested about rodeos with big bulls, or celebrating good harvests, but now, it has been the main point of the fairs.


City/ Town Owner/ Name Surface Location Rule(s)
Ylera Farmya Ferlukah sand map Bendera
Ylera Faznya Murtolary sand map Bendera
Bendera Faznya Byllaka mud map Bendera
Sytysha Sytysha Arena mud map Sytysha
Tonsul Tonsul Arena mud map Bendera
Grakteh Faznya Kollgaku sand map Grakteh
Grakteh Grakteh Arena mud map Grakteh
Ramazam Ramazam Arena mud map Bendera
Berysha Berysha Arena asphalt map Grakteh
Karamau Faznya Karrykeh mud map Sytysha
Bhagurah Autodrom Nasyonal Bhagurah asphalt map Bhagurah

Successful Racers

Racers in action, in Berysha asphalt arena.
Usually, racers are sposored by farmers and land owners in general. People see winners as celebrities.

The most famous are Velkan Em Karkavek, from Bendera, and Kelmendy Ek Betrakeh, from Karamau.

General Info

Out of Goytakanya, demolition derbies are not considered as sport or even a interesting activity. except in Kėzėpölān settlement. This way, there is only one foreigner racer in the league (Tāpök Ānāå (Tapoka Anaah) - a woman, 28 years old, most famous driver in Kėzėpölān), and there are not arenas in other countries, even in Cariocas, the most friendly country to Goytakanya, or Ardisphere, where is the largest settlement of Goytakano people far from Uletha.

Despite the international lack of interest in demolition derbies, OGFIA considered it as a motorsport since 2007.

Even considered a very dangerous sport, there are no records of accidents with serious injuries since the beginnings.

Sounds like a big irony the practice of intentional destruction of cars in a country where they are not cheap and there are not so much in the streets, but, of course, that ones used in derbies are ending its lifespan or damaged enough to can not be repaired anymore.