Vordum Sea

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Vordum Sea
Dar Sessenaria (Ohemian)

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Vordum Sea in Antarephia
LocationCentral North-Western Antarephia
TypeInland Sea
Basin countriesOhemiaflag.PNG Ohemia
Major citiesHoktanop

The Vordum Sea is one of the largest inland seas in the world, which is located Central North-Western Antarephia. It borders 3 countries, that being Ohemia, ..., and .... The biggest part of the Vordum Sea is located in Ohemia, where it bounds the Ohemian city of Hoktanop, and the island city of Ornady. Technically recognised as a lake, its extensive size was believed to be a sea by older inhabitants of the Sessenarian Tribes.


The name Vordum is of a Romantian origin, not possessing any meaning, accepted within the Ingerish language today. The Ohemian translation for the Vordum Sea which is "Dar Sessenaria", means the "Sea Of Sessenaria", where the "Sessenarians" is a classical region in Samandy named after the tribes that settled in the region 1500-2000 years ago.