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Mupbag as a conference panelist in 2014
W. Khemwet Mupbag (full name William Khemwet Mupbag) (1949-2015) was a Khaiwoonese lawyer and diplomat who served as Deputy Chief Secretary of the Assembly of Nations from 2002 to 2008.

Early life and education

Mupbag was born in 1949 to Khaiwoonese parents living in Marapura, Gobrassanya, where his father was mainland office director for a Khaiwoonese export company and his mother taught mathematics at the Khaiwoonese School of Marapura. The family would often take the ferry back to Khaiwoon to spend weekends with friends and relatives. At age 11, Mupbag took up residence with his grandparents in Khaiwoon in order to attend the prestigious Khaiwoon Preparatory Academy. He went on to attend the University of Khaiwoon and graduated in 1971 with a law degree.[1]


Mupbag was admitted to the Khaiwoonese bar, and worked from 1971 to 1983 in the Khaiwoon office of the global law firm of Hudspeth, Nelson and Forte, specializing in international trade and finance law. During this time he obtained a doctorate in international relations from the University of Khaiwoon, and was hired in 1983 by the Khaiwoon Diplomatic Corps, where he served two years each at the Khaiwoonese embassies in Latina, Pretany, and the Ardisphere before being appointed Khaiwoon's ambassador to the Ardisphere in 1989. At age 40, he was one of the youngest ambassadors in Khaiwoonese history.[2]

After three years in the Ardisphere, Mupbag was appointed ambassador to the Assembly of Nations and returned to Pretany, where he served seven years from 1992 to 1999. During this time, he not only took an active role in representing Khaiwoon's interests at the AN, but also championed a number of initiatives to improve the international organization itself. He supported the election of Soledad Ionescu to Chief Secretary in 1996, with whom he had worked extensively during his time in the Ardisphere.[3]

Mupbag resigned from the diplomatic service in 1999 to accept the position of foreign minister of Khaiwoon, a rare honor to be appointed to a ministry from outside Parliament. He served only briefly in this capacity, however, due to the change of government in March of 2000. At this time the AN was conducting a search for a new Director-General of Organizational Affairs, and Mupbag was selected to fill the vacancy. He returned to St. Richards and served in that role for two years, before his election to the position of Deputy Chief Secretary in 2002, where he served a full six-year term through 2008. During his tenure as Deputy Chief Secretary he focused strongly on enhancing the AN's international aid programs and helping them deliver services more efficiently and effectively.[4]

Later life and death

Mupbag returned to Khaiwoon in 2009 where he was appointed chairman of the Khaiwoon International Aid Fund and taught an advanced seminar on international organizations at the University of Khaiwoon. He served in these capacities until his death from heart failure on June 15, 2015 at age 66.[5]

In a statement released to the press announcing Mupbag's death, his older sister Omwap Mupbag-Henderson revealed that Mupbag had been diagnosed with a rare and fatal heart condition at age 30, and was told that he could not expect to live another ten years. According to Mupbag-Henderson, this news motivated him to leave trade and finance law for the field of diplomacy, so that he could spend his last few years "serving the public good." Mupbag ended up living 26 years longer than doctors had originally estimated, largely due to advances in medical care. Throughout his life, however, his condition was kept secret from the public and from his various employers.

Mupbag-Henderson also stated that Mupbag's heart condition was the reason why he never chose to marry.[6]


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