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OGFmapicon.png 29.5767 N, 122.7884 E
The Wildhare Institute
Wildhare Institute Seal
"veritas curat (Latin)"
Truth cures
 • CityWiwaxmouthe
 • Director GeneralDr. Wilhelmina Yarrow
 • UndergraduateN/A
 • Postgraduate1,270

The Wildhare Insitute is located on Wildhare Park in Wiwaxmouthe, Wiwaxia. Founded in 1853, the Wildhare Institute is Wiwaxia's premier medical school. Originally Wiwaxmouthe Medical College, the school was located in facilities by St. Vipsania Infirmary. Already at its founding, the college was intended to become part of the Wildhare Institute hospital complex which was in the planning stages at that point under the direction of Dr. Mary Meade Rollins, who was a professor at Royal Wiwax University and was the president of the Wiwax Society of Physicians. When the school moved to the new premises off of Wildhare Park in 1866, the name was changed.

Famous researchers who have held positions at the institute include Martanidia Prizewinning genetics researcher Lucilla Branning; renologist and inventor Kay Aspen; and Dr. Hannah Krute.

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