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In some cases, articles about lost countries or other lost places may be preserved as a record of someone's creative efforts long ago, but these articles have no bearing on the OpenGeofiction world. DO NOT use the information in these articles in developing histories. These countries are no longer "canon", which means that not only do they no longer exist, but they never existed in OGF history.

8, -46.880, 45.868
Republic of Winn
"Great Rivers Great Bridges Must Cross"
May Her River Eternally Flow
Largest cityGiddham
Official languagesIngerish, Aeránanue
 • Regional languagesLonish
DemonymWinnster, Winney
GovernmentPresidential Republic
 • PresidentMartin Yaleburg
 • Vice-PresidentHerman Stöll
 • Total37105.5 km2
CurrencyWinnster Mearing (WMR)
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.wn

Winn (Aeránanue: Uinn) is a republic in Antarephia. It shares a border with Orbayu in the west, Lons in the north-west, AN146 in the north, AN142i in the east, and Condeuva in the south. Its capital is the city of Gidsmuthe, while the largest city is Giddham.


Administrative Divisions

Winn is divided into two linguistic communities, one where Ingerish is spoken, known as Lower Winn, and a slightly smaller part, Upper Winn, which uses Aeránanue. Furthermore, Winn is divided into 17 baronies, 10 in Lower Winn and 6 in Upper Winn, and one split between the two, which function as the local government in the nation. Each barony contains a number of municipalities, as well. Each barony is also divided into one or more Lordships, which have an electoral function, as each lordship has associated with it a number of seats in the Winnster Parliament.


Baronies in Winn are much akin to typical provinces or states. Each of the baronies has its own regional government, capital and flag.

Flag Barony (Ingerish) Barony (Aeránanue) Barony Capital Total Seats in Parliament Linguistic Community Lordships
FlagNewBay.png Caspica Caspique Chessic (Chessick) 20 Lower Winn Chessic, New Bay, Old Kasp
FlagGillmare.png Cuppes Astry Cupse-Astry Baytower (Bégutti) 34 Lower Winn Astry, Baytower, Newmund
FlagDogsland.png Dogsland Doxkhyn Bull (Beulle) 19 Lower Winn Columnia, Great Bathamland, Westmare
FlagFeyer.png Feyerfall Feirychume Ja-Lomy (The Loam) 17 Upper Winn River Feyer, The Loam
FlagGiddham.png Giddham Gydramme Giddham (Gydramme) 30 Lower Winn Giddham City, Outer Giddham, South Ultonland
FlagBinsly.png Harmsly Harmsly Eastrix (Myntrix) 33 Lower Winn Eastrix, Formharmsly, Gillburgh, Westrix
FlagHubsparth.png Hubbsparth Heubhennparçe Yurafang (Swordston) 15 Upper Winn Hubbsparth
FlagTassywolde.png Hullst Houlles Gyfparçe (Gyfparce) 22 Upper Winn High Hullst, Low Hullst, The Roys
FlagLandofTassy.png Land of Tassy Tessykhyn Biedploury (Great Compass) 11 Upper Winn Compassland, Great Whilde
FlagKenn.png Roxpick Roxpick Kingbury (Gydrenncoff) 17 Lower Winn Gidswhilde, Kingbury, Thysca
FlagSaintAlmath.png Saint Almath Almach Hech Saint Almath City (Fang Almachenn Hech) 6 Lower Winn Saint Almath
FlagSimon.png Saint Simon Sieuonn Hech Islech Édheriann Hech (Saint Etherea Spring) 8 Upper Winn Azewide, Etherea
FlagInnsmund.png Stindroole and Pennvale Styndrula he Penfeln Styndamme (Stinsham) 10 Upper Winn Pennvale, Stindroole
FlagHarmgrove.png Tivallong Tillékhyn Garden 15 Lower Winn Greavelynn, Poreswhilde, Steadsmine
FlagLowerUltonland.png Ultonland Eultykhyn New Kingsgrove/Ala-Gydriparçe 21 Lower and Upper Winn Ack-at-Stary, Grove
50px Upper Warren Uarran-Pé Gidsmuthe (Gydrarcke) 39 Lower Winn Gidsmuthe, Kasse, Vorystone
FlagValoris.png Warren Uarran Waterby (Nitby) 23 Lower Winn Carann, Caranntale and Lycer, Helburgh, Northtale

Although officially, only Ultonland is considered to lie in both communities, the baronies of Feirychume, Houlle and Roxpick each contain small amounts of land belonging to a different community from the rest of the barony - for Feirychume this is limited to the town of James III (Jéms Ukelney), for Houlle this is the area south of the Enger, including Booksworth (Bouxuordh), and for Roxpick this is the area east of the Gidinn, including the towns of Uellspergne (Wellspring), and Látich (Lattice).


Each of the baronies is further divided into municipalities. These municipalities each have a mayor and a local council attached to them, which are elected every 5 years in nationally organized local elections. Four large cities, Giddham, Gidsmuthe, Vorystone and Ja-Lomy are split into multiple municipalities.



The currency of Winn is the Winnster Mearing.



In Lower Winn, including Caspica, Ingerish is the common language, and is spoken unanimously. In the lordship of Thysca, and northeastern Poreswhilde, however, Thysthian, a language directly related to Lonish is also spoken. In Upper Winn, Aeránanue is the common tongue, but Ingerish is also commonly spoken, especially closer to the border with Lower Winn. Additionally, Lonish is spoken in some regions in Sieuonn Hech and Tessykhyn near the river Largue.



Road transportation


Winnster Highways are numbered with the prefix N, which stands for "national". A large highway system exists, which also contains some lesser roads, known as "highwayroads". Highways and highwayroads alike use a white typeface on a green background.

Provincial roads

Provincial roads use an identifying letter for each barony, followed by a number between 1 and 99 for identification. The icons for these roads are yellow, with a black typeface.

Maximum speed

These maximum speeds are the typical maximum speeds - mutations in these occur wherever it is seen as fit.

Location Speed (in km/h)
Designated residential living streets 15
Residential zone in Urban area 25
Other locations / important roads within Urban area 50
Typical road outside Urban area 60
Arterial road within Urban area 75
Provincial roads 90
Highway(road) at Junctions 100
Highwayroad (trunk road) 110
Highway 125

The most notable exception to this rule is the N4 between Yákhasse and Kygne, and the N5 between Axennamme and Yurafang, where there is no official maximum speed.


Film and media


There is a public broadcaster in Winn, the PRTU - Public Radio and Television Union. They operate four nationally available television channels: Winnet 1, Winnet 2, Uinnette 1 and Uinnette 2. The Ingerish and Aeránanue channels are managed by the PRTU in such a way that their programming is identical - Ingerish programs are subtitled for the Aeránanue channels, and Aeránanue programs are often dubbed in Ingerish. The PRTU only produces 2 programmes for these channels, NN Bulletin, the national news bulletin, and Vignette, a short advertising block. The other programmes are produced by seven public broadcasters.