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This article is about the about the town of Yshon. For the island of Yshon see Yshon (island).

OGFmapicon.png 45.9728 S, 69.5112 E
Balya an Yshon
Large town in Flag of Shadze-Ma Shadze-Ma
An Balya



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Status Capital of Shadze-Ma
Island Yshon
Administrative area Template:Sanaray, Urne, Yshon etc.
Elevation 0-50 m
Demonym Yshoon
Population c35,000 (2011)
Favourite Janie Poe
Airports Shadze-Ma (Orange) International Airport
Ferries 9 (6 local; 2 long-distance; 1 international)

Yshon, the capital of Shadze-Ma, is a large town located on the island of the same name. At the last census (2011) it had an official population of 31,116.72[1].


Yshon was founded in 1604 by Ingerish trading venturers on the site of a former Köpā settlement. The original site of the settlement lies about 100m from the current ferry pier under the present day Park Aveadan (map). For the next 100 years or so, the island was disputed between Ingerland and Ionadàlba and timber fortifications were built on the site. Following resolution through the Treaty of Tayfir in 1678, work began on constructing a planned settlement to serve as the trading capital of the islands. The administrative capital was Fort Darzy on Kizmanda, a fortified base around 100 miles further east. The capital moved to Yshon in 1846.


Yshon has a number of parks and sports facilities. The national sports stadium Ayshanta Yankloee located in the west of the town was the main venue for the 2006 Isle & City Games.

Government buildings are located in various places in the town, including the headquarters of administrative government in Shadze-Ma.

Yshon is the location of the main campus of the largest university in Shadze-Ma, the University of Yshon, which is located on the north edge of the town.

The town was the location of the first ever International Spice Station, launched in 1969.

Road and ferry connections

The town is connected by road (Raad Shalaxori and Raad Atuath, including causeways and bridges) to the islands of Nerezen and Valizen.

The town is a major transport hub with local ferries running to the adjacent islands of Helon, Urne (for Shadze-Ma (Orange) International Airport and (from West Dock) to Sanaray. Middle-distance ferries also run to Erth Harbour, Kizmanda and North Karg and internationally to Pasalia.


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