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Forum:Territory application/UL14a - Załučka

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ForumsTerritory application → Territory application/UL14a - Załučka

Please fill in the information below to make a territory request.
Noun Project Signature icon 619326 cc.svgTerritory ID and proposed name
The Territory ID (from OpenGeofiction:Territories, e.g. AR123a) and proposed name of the country

UL14d - Załučka

Noun Project Map icon 1463108.svgPhysical geography
An overview of climate, topography and landscape of the country. It is advised to also create a sketch, you can add a link to this (hosted on imgur or similar)


(Gdrive link to sketch associated with the application, please inform if not viewable)

Symbol Terrain Type Examples/Details
[dashed line] Hills/minor highlands N/A
A Abundant linear lakes Norrland, Finland, Maine, Jiemie
B Dense forest and farmland Latvia, northern-half-Russia, Dregovine
C Exposed coast/fell Iceland, Newfoundland,
Highest point 450 meters

In terms of a natural perspective, the country in general is supposed to act as a sort of a transition between the more densely populated and agrarian Egalia to the south and east, and the (slated-to-be) more remote areas of UL18, UL19, and the harsh coastline of the Great North Sea.

Region B represents the buffer best, while A and C are typical landscapes of such a northerly location.

The highest point of about 450 meters was chosen to make sure that topographic variation exists, but it does not make the region significantly less inhabitable then it would already be.

Invest - The Noun Project.svgHuman geography
A brief description of the territory demographics, economic development, land occupation, infrastructure and mapping style
Symbol Meaning Details
D To be handed to a different territory such as UL14c or d. To permit for interesting borders
Capital city 500k - 750k
City 75k - 100k
[red line] Grade separated road Motorway/Expressway
[orange line] Major artery Trunk

Given it being impossible to have a particularly large population in this area, the total population of the country is probably going to be no more than 3 million, with a standard developed near half-and-half split between city and country.

The development history of the cities is likely to be similar to Sweden and Finland,  this is, relatively late development out of fort towns (with region B seeing somewhat earlier development).

Region A’s traditional main industries are: logging, hunting, and I’d assume some mining

Region B’s traditional main industries are: agriculture… and a bit of other miscellany

Region C’s traditional main industries are: herding, fishing, and notable trade presence.

Historically, water transport was quite popular in the country, however today not many ferries remain.

The country had some traditional roads of course, but they aren’t much of note. Motorway investment probably happened in the 70’s but it was not very strong. Roads are generally paved, but very little is grade separated due to low/moderate traffic levels.

I’d imagine early government-lead railway investment, not particularly strong, but enough to tie the country together and to neighbors.

As typical from a “Europe-like” area, I assume domestic air travel would be relatively weak, being impractical due to the distances and geography involved making other modes easier.

International air travel is probably restricted to medium distance travel, with a flag carrier doing practically all of the long-distance.

Today, air is the preferred mode internationally, a road/rail split inter-city, and bus intra-city.

Noun Project languages icon 105908 cc.svgHistory & culture
A brief description of the intended culture and language

The country is intended to be Lusatiophone, I’m intending on universally using Upper Sorbian since it is the easier one to research of the two.

The choice of Upper Sorbian is since it is a Slavic language that is not yet taken, and it fits in with the Polish nearby.

Culturally I think it’s unreasonable to copy Sorbia due to significantly different circumstances, I think the culture would be vaguely Northern European, something not too different from Lany or Southern Rugovvas.

Noun Project drawing icon 2123401.svgPast mapping
To support your request provide links to areas of OGF mapping which showcase your mapping skill. Mapping relevant to the requested theme & geography is especially useful
The {{coord}} template can optionally be used to link to the OGF map - it results in a nice formatted link. Or you can paste in a URL.

At the very beginning of my mapping, I started on BG01 and immediately switched to JOSM, of my work was the gridded East Hills Area.

Later, I arranged with User:Mie (who is the person who brought me to OGF) to work around Zadorozh in the southwestern corner of his area in Gekdreg. There, a continuous improvement in my mapping can be noticed. I found myself quite enjoying rural micromapping, so the prime project there is the small town of Rybnec.

I understand that this leaves two major gaps: urban, and macro mapping. Hopefully, with the land, I will be able to gain experience in both fields.

Noun Project Signature icon 619326 cc.svgUsername & date
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MKH1020 (talk) 20:55, 3 August 2022 (UTC)

Finally, I'd like to thank User:Rustem Pasha for helping me with drafting this application.

Dash.svg Territory application closed
Territory already owned. --Stjur (talk) 18:52, 4 August 2022 (UTC)
The following resources can be useful in building up mapping experience: Help:Portal, Help:Making realistic countries, Help:Making realistic cities and also OpenGeofiction:Site policies


Setting the specific plot (which I had reason to believe is vacant given the lack of activity and community consensus) aside, are there any other issues with the application? I could revise this for 14d or f, whichever you think is best.

Thanks, MKH1020 (talk) 22:44, 4 August 2022 (UTC)

You'll find the requirements for requesting territories in West Uletha here: OpenGeofiction:Territory application. Examples of urban mapping are a requirement. Thanks --Stjur (talk) 08:41, 6 August 2022 (UTC)