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OGFIA, Organización General de las Federaciones Internacionales de Automóviles (Castellanese), General Organization of International Motor Federations (Ingerish), is an international motorists and motorsports organisation. Since 19xx it has been headquartered in (TBD).

OGFIA is also known as 'Organização Geral das Federações Internacionais de Automobilismo' in Florescentan and 'Organización General de las Federaciones Internacionales d'Autosports' in Franquese.

The organisation was established as the Association Internationale des Federations des Automobile Clubs Reconnus (AIFACR, Ingerish: 'International Association of Recognized Automobile Club Federations') on 22 January 1910 to represent the interests of motoring organisations and motor car users. To the general public, the OGFIA is mostly known as the governing body for almost all auto racing events. OGFIA also promotes road safety around the world.


Premier Formula

Premier Formula

Formula Plus

Formula Plus

GE International

Grand Electric International


Rally Championship International

Demolition Derbies

Despite to be played only in one country, and the so different rules of races, the demolition derbies in Goytakanya are a OGFIA-certified competition.

National Racing Leagues

OGFIA Certified Raceways

Name of Raceway Length Type Direction Location Map Link Main competitions Note
Flag of Tárrases Autódromo de los Alces 2,793 km (1.735 mi) Race Alces, Tárrases map Tárrases Grand Prix, Los 400 de los Duques
Flag of Aorangēa Flag of East Anglesbury
Anglesbury circuit
various Race various Waipunanui, Aorangēa
Hauxwelley, East Anglesbury
map Aorangēan GP
East Anglesbury GP
White Circuit
Blue Circuit
Yellow Circuit
Red Circuit
Green Circuit
Flag of Lorredion Arque circuit 4.267 km or 10.739 km Race, Endurance Clockwise Désert d'Arque, Lorredion map Arque Desert Festival
File:Artenia Flag.svg Airport City Vehicular Research Center circuit 10.69km Race, Endurance, Testing Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise Airport City, Artenia map Arteniasport Can be used on Deplorine Int'l Airport Runways or Taxiways
Flag of Chastechek Ashbourne International Raceway 6,234 km Race Counter-Clockwise Ashbourne, Chastechek map Chastechek GP
Flag of Neo Delta Banneg International Circuit 5,003 km Race Counter-Clockwise Banneg, Neo Delta map Neo Delta Grand Prix
Flag of Goytakanya Autodrom Internasyonal Bhagurah 702m Demolition Counter-Clockwise Bhagurah, Goytakanya map Demolition Series
Flag of Belgravia Autódromo Internacional da Belgrávia Race Clockwise Slovech, SL, Belgravia map Belgravia GP
Flag of Belgravia Belphenia International Speedway Race Olympia, REM, Belphenia map Belphenia GP
Flag of Midistland Motopark Cariba Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise Cariba, Midistland map MRL - Midistland Racing League
Flag of Cariocas Cariocas Motorplex Race Clockwise Mirim Açú, GRG, Cariocas map 24h Mirim Açú, Cariocas GP
Flag of Auleus Carsile Raceway Race Counter-Clockwise Carsile, Auleus [1] Carsile 500
Flag of Paxtar Confracterra Raceway 4,965 km Race Anti-Clockwise Carmeleum, CF, Paxtar map Paxtar GP
Flag of Broceliande Circuit automobile de la Côte-Verte Race Clockwise Caumartin, IL, Broceliande map Grand Prix d'Illion (Premier_Formula)
Flag of Mergany Eastern Circuit 5.445 km Race Clockwise Leizsch, Vocklenbrug, Mergany map 24 Hours of Leizsch
Flag of Zylanda Elegantia Racebohn 7,7 km Race Elegantia, Zylanda map Grotn Priis vn Zylanda
Flag of Brasonia Autódromo Ferdinando Brasília Race Clockwise Campo Verde, RV, Brasônia map only CGLA - Confederação Gran Luslandesa de Automobilismo leagues
Flag of Balonis Fernandez Speedway 500 m (0.311 miles) Race Anti-Clockwise Balonis map Only domestic leagues
Flag of Ataraxia Circuit du Fort Boyard Road Trax/Boyard, Manilax, Sud, Ataraxia map 24h de Trax
Flag of Latina Giaconda Motor Parque 14,25 or 19,75 km Race Cordoba, SP, Latina map Grand Prix de Tarephia
Flag of Mecyna Gilagonas International Motorpark Race Anti-Clockwise Gilagonas, GI, Mecyna map only domestic leagues
Flag of Gobrassanya Gobras City International Raceway Race Anti-Clockwise Gobras City, CD, Gobrassanya map Gobrassi GP
Flag of Luslandia Autódromo Hugo Gomes Race Anti-Clockwise Santa Cruz do Norte, MC, Luslândia map only CGLA - Confederação Gran Luslandesa de Automobilismo leagues
Flag of Lorredion Circuit d`Iloma 4,896 km Race Clockwise Iloma, Lorredion map Grand Prix de Lorredion, 6h d'Iloma
Flag of Latina James Dean International Motor Parc 23.8 km Race Salinas, LC, Latina map Latina Grand Prix
Flag of Ardisphere Autódromo Evita Jaegal 4,973 km (3.09 miles) Race Anti-Clockwise Hoz y Martillo, DB, Ardisphere map Marverde/Jeongto Grand Prix, Hoz y Martillo 500
Flag of Karolia Auutoraata Vasireii Jens Nappii 5,891 km (3.66 miles) Race Anti-clockwise Vasireii, Karolia map Auuto Suuripreemia Karolija, (Karolian Grand Prix); Karolijas Suurimootoratas-kaarikas (Karolian Superbike Trophy)
Flag of Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Street Course for Khaiwoon Grand Prix 3,216 km (1.998 miles) Street Clockwise Eastside, Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Grand Prix
Flag of Plevia Autodromo di '''Laghesi''' x km (x mi) Race Laghesi, Plevia map
Flag of Ardisphere Autódromo Tacio La Rosa 2,273 km (1.692 miles) Race Anti-Clockwise Palacio de Maíz, DL, Ardisphere map fifu.fa 1000
Flag of Pretany Lytchfield Royal Raceway Race Anti-Clockwise Lytchfield, South Grave, Pretany map Royal Grand Prix
Flag of Brasonia Circuito Miguel Chume Race Clockwise Barra da Grama, MR, Brasonia map only CGLA - Confederação Gran Luslandesa de Automobilismo leagues
Flag of Alora Margonas International Raceway Race Margonas, CN, Alora map Alora GP
Flag of Montran Norfield Eight Race Montran map Montranese Grand Prix
Flag of Neo Delta Old City International Circuit 3,722 km Race Counter-Clockwise Old City, Neo Delta map Former circuit of Neo Delta Grand Prix (1990-1995)
Flag of Jefferson Patriotland Speedway 2 miles (3.2km) Race Counter-Clockwise Patriot City, Jefferson map Capital 400
Flag of Mecyna Phoenix Tricoro International Speedway 4,807 km Race/Road Clockwise Phoenix, Mecyna map Mecyna Grand Prix
Flag of Ardisphere Autódromo Internacional Princesa 4,129 km or 13,272 km Race/Road Princesa, DS, Ardisphere map 24h Resistencia de las Islas, Ardescar Campeonato Internacional (FP+)
Flag of Balam-Utz Puerto Moreno International Circuit Race Clockwise Puerto Moreno, Nou Catania, Balam-Utz map Balamkun Grand Prix, Liberan Nations Motor League
Flag of Freedemia Quentinsburgh Street Circuit, part of Quentins Grand Prix Street Clockwise Quentinsburgh,Freedemia map, see here Quentins Grand Prix, Horizon Cup (Freedemian Autosports Racing League)
Flag of Rogolnika Ridollan International Raceway 4,985 km (3.097 miles) Race Ergolanyum, RDLN, Rogolnika map Rogolnika GP
Flag of Midistland Autodromo Internacional de Rugenia 8 km Race Anti-Clockwise Rugenia, RG, Midistland map MRL - Midistland Racing League
Flag of Ataraxia Circuit International de St. Germain Race Pré St. Germain, Trois-Rivières, Centre, Ataraxia map Grand Prix d'Ataraxie (Ataraxia Grand Prix)
Flag of Orinoco Strand Point International Speedway TBD UC Race Strand Point - Arragoinne,Uticalompoc, OR, Orinoco map Ronoko Oro (Orinoco Grand Prix)
Flag of Freedemia Tortuga International Raceway approx. 2,100 km Race Counter Clockwise Quentinsburgh,Freedemia map mainly just domestic races that are open for international racers (Freedemian Autosports Racing League)
Flag of Paroy Trevers Caufford Race Circuit 5,199 km (3.23 miles) Race Clockwise Caufford, VR, Paroy map Paroy Grand Prix
Flag of Balonis Autódromo Villa Rojo 2,500 km (1.553 miles)
5,807 km (3.608 miles)
Race Clockwise Villa Rojo, Balonis map Horea 500, BalonisTel 350, LDMB Gran Premio de Horea
Flag of Darcodia Template:Darcodia 4,417 km (2.744 miles) Race Template:Darcodia, BE, Darcodia map Template:Darcodia (Darcodia Grand Prix)
Flag of Ardisphere 다발계곡 국제 자동차 경기장 (Valle del Haz International Speedway) 2,998 km (1.863 miles) Race Anti-Clockwise Pyeonghwa-si, CC, Ardisphere map Coreana 400 Cup