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8, -47.244, 41.418
Aulean Confederation
Aulean Eidgenossenschaft Auleusup Moonany
FlagCoat of arms
"Auleus, Auleus, Auleus Oi, Oi, Oi"
Forth, Auleus
and largest city
Official languagesKalmish, Eus
 • National languagesIngerish
 • Regional languagesFranquese, Ispelian, Franquais-Sudestian
 • Leader of the ConfederationOscar II
 • ChancellorHayley von Hempf
 • Leader of the SenateJohn Young
 • Upper houseSenate
 • Lower houseAssembly
HDIIncrease 0.85
very high
CurrencyAulean Krone ($Au) (AUK)
Drives on theleft

The Aulean Confederation is a sovereign state on the continent of Antarephia. It includes the cities and towns of Carran, Johnnyville and various others.


The name Auleus is from the Bay of Aul which the capital is situated near and the native Eus tribe


Parliament of the Confederation of Auleus
Parlament der Eidgenossenschaft von Auleus
19th Parliament
Founded14 April 1940 (1940-04-14)
Term limits5 years
Leader of the ConfederationOscar II
since 16 December 1994
ChancellorHayley von Hempf, Conservative Party
since 4 June 2018
Seats150 (100 Assembly, 50 Senate)
[[file:2nd Updated 2018 aulean parliament.svg|320px|alt=]]
Political groupsGovernment (39)
  •      Conservative (32)
  •      National Front (4)

Confidence & Supply (18)

  •      Democratic Centrist (18)

Opposition (43)

  •      Socialist (22)
  •      Republic (7)
  •      Sudestian Independence (7)
  •      Eus (4)
  •      Aulean Alternative (3)
  •      AWPRA (1)
  •      Inde. (2)
Voting systemInstant-runoff voting
Last election14 April 2015
Next election14 April 2020

The government of Auleus has three levels

Leader of the Confederation

The Leader of the Confederation (LC) is elected from the heads of the states when the previous LC abdicates or dies

List of Heads of State of Auleus

The Senate

The Senate consists of two halves the Treaty Senate and People's Senate. The Treaty Senate is an unelected body that is appointed by the LC and holds the position for life unless expressly removed by the LC or Assembly. The People's Senate is elected body.

The Leader of the Senate resides in the Senate

The Senate is reelected every five years


The Assembly is reelected every five years

The Chancellor resides in the assembly

List of Chancellors of Auleus


Political Parties

National Parties

In Auleus there are various political parties

Party Political ideology Political position 2015 MPS Leader Abbreviation (in Kalmish)
Aulean Democratic Centrist Alliance Centrism
Classical Liberalism
Social Liberalism
18 / 100
Sampson von Stuber ADZA
Aulean National Front National Conservatism
Right-wing Populism
Right-wing to Far-right
4 / 100
Hamilton Nye AN
Conservative Party of Auleus Conservatism
Economic Liberalism
Liberal Conservatism
Centre-right to Right-wing
32 / 100
Hayley von Hempf KPA
Socialist Party of Auleus Social Democracy
Social Conservatism
Centre-left to Left-wing
22 / 100
Ben Holman SPA
Constitutional Republican League Republicanism
Centre-right to Centre-left
7 / 100
Erich Ryers VL
Sudestian Nationalists Sudestian Nationalism
Economic Liberalism
Sudestian Monarchism
Centre-right to Far-right
7 / 100
Pierre von Lucien SN
Aulean Alternative Aulean Nationalism
Right-wing Populism
National Conservatism
Direct Democracy
3 / 100
Matthias von Drechsler AA
Eus Party of Auleus Eus Nationalism
4 / 100
Uwe von Rangup EPA
Aulean Communist Federation Aulean Nationalism
National Communism
1 / 100
Declan Contenza AKB

Regional and Extraparliamentry Parties

Party Political ideas National Affiliation/Leader Notes
Sudestian Radicals Radicalism
Aulean Democratic Centrist Alliance
Justice in Aburia (Socred-Farmers) Conservatism
Social Credit
Conservative Party of Auleus
Free Ingerish Conservative Alliance Conservatism
Economic Liberalism
Ingerish Nationalism
Conservative Party of Auleus
Radical Party - Alliance of Liberals and Socialists Radicalism
Social Liberalism
Social Democracy
Socialist Party of Auleus
Aulean Democratic Centrist Alliance
Progressive Liberal Party of Auleus Liberalism
Aulean Democratic Centrist Alliance
Liberal Democratic Party of Auleus Economic Liberalism
Aulean Democratic Centrist Alliance
National Liberal Party of Auleus Liberalism
Aulean Democratic Centrist Alliance
Union of Liberal Secularists Liberalism
Aulean Democratic Centrist Alliance
Christic Social Front Democratic Socialism
Social Conservatism
Socialist Party of Auleus
EnviroParty Environmentalism
Richard Di Bufolo
Shaun Webster's League of Rights and Liberty Ultranationalism
Ingerish Nationalism
Shaun Webster
People's Socialist Party Left-wing Populism
Democratic Socialism
Ben Acerbo
Animal Rights in Auleus Animal Rights
Left-wing Populism
Democratic Socialism
Socialist Party of Auleus
Civic Alliance-People's Conservative Party Social Conservatism
Economic Liberalism
Right-wing Populism
Conservative Party of Auleus
Agrarian National Party Social Conservatism
Economic Protectionism
Right-wing Populism
John Muller
Communist Party of Bioncourt Moderate Faction
Democratic Socialism
Left-wing Populism
Franquese Nationalism
Radical Faction
Aulean Workers and People's Revolutionary Alliance
Nationalist Conservative-Liberal Party - The Libertarians Libertarianism
Social Conservatism
Aulean Nationalism
Right-wing Populism
Conservative Party of Auleus
Aulean political spectrum updated.JPG

2015 Election

2nd Updated 2018 aulean parliament.svg

  Conservative Party: 31 seats
  Democratic Centrist: 18 seats
  National Front: 4 seats
  Socialist Party: 22 seats
  Constitutional Republican: 7 seats
  Sudestian Independence: 7 seats
  Eus Party: 4 seats
  Aulean Alternative: 3 seats
  Communist Federation: 1 seat
  Independent: 2 seats

Elections in Auleus



After the collapse of the mythical Gaderyt Empire around 3500BC, Eus tribes moved into northern Auleus, by 1000AD small trading city-states had been established on the coast, these were merged under Ingerish control to form the Colony of Aul.

Ingerish Colony

In 1753 was the founding of the Colony of Aul with an Ingerish governor in charge. Aul is a penal colony. Native Eus people sent to neighboring lands.

Cooprative of Eus Trading States under Ingerish influnce or control in the vicinity of the Bay of Aul




Capital Durnovaria
Languages Ingerish, Eus
Government Merchant Republic
 • Established 1756
 • Disestablished 14 April 1776
Currency Ingerish Taller
Today part of Flag3.jpg Auleus

Convict Revolution and Independence

Escaped convicts form a rebel group and take Aul in a revolution and form the First Republic of Auleus but the independent nation fails due to differences in the rebel group

Association with Kalm

Aul becomes a Kalmish protectorate during the Year of The Great Compromise and becomes the Duchy of Auleus

Aulean Empire, Kallipolis Crisis and Civil War

An independent empire was formed by the last duke which then started expanding eventually annexing all of modern Auleus excluding Sudestia. The Kallipolis Crisis and discontent among citizens saw the empire launch a botched attack of Sudestia which led to Civil War against the Eastern Coalition consisting of the Republic of Auleus, Auleus Socialist and the Margraviate of Sudestia. After initial success with the invasion of Sudestia, a rebellion arose in the north outstretching resources. Because of this the Sudestian had a successful offensive, winning the decisive Battle of the Kialup. With a northern front being organised by Auleus Socialist, the Imperial forces began a very slow retreat gradually losing territory, including the Vicounty of Johnnyville-Williamston at the Battle of Kattarn. Carran finally fell in 1933 after 23 years of war, after this the country was devastated and would take time to rebuild.

Typical wartime transport

Aulean Restoration and Modern Aulean Confederation

After the Civil War Auleus was split in three into the Democratic Peoples Republic of Auleus (North Auleus), Second Republic of Auleus (South Auleus) and the Margraviate of Sudestia. This situation lasted for about 5 years until South Auleus collapsed, the nation collapsed because of the right-wing policies that were instigated by the government were not suitable for the nation so soon after the war, this led to discontent among the population, after a failed coup d'état the government collapse and the army dispersed in to regional militias, meanwhile North Auleus and Sudestia sent in troops to create stability, however the local militias tried to prevent the attempted occupation. This resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Ferron, in the Treaty, Auleus was united and sub-national units voted on which political system they desired, these ststes were organised into a confederation. The de facto factions of the ruling Socialist Party of North Auleus were split into de jure parties, creating a democratic multi-party system. A head of state was elected from the heads of each of the states and named the Leader of the Confederation. After the end of the restoration period a there was a lot of prosperity with entrepreneurs like Quentin Wilsonovich (founder of Wilsonovich's) creating many profitable companies that continue to this day. However for most of this period the naion was de facto a dictatorship ruled by Thomas Hillser, he oppressed some parts of society to keep power, he did this with tools like the State Security Directorate, (SSD) a secret police, the SSD spent a lot of time clashing with the opposition secret police the New Imperial Guard a remnant of the Imperial Militia Force, public street battles between opposing party members and organisations were common in the Hillser period.

An SSD van
State Security Directorate logo
Flag of the Third Republic of Auleus

Mafia and December Crisis

The Aulean Mafia began their rise to power after the Aulean Civil War. The Mafia gained significant power and wealth after protectionist laws were past in Auleus and the Mafia created a black market of illegally imported goods, this grew to a peak in the 1980s when, the Mafia were one of the most powerful organisations in the country and wielded significant political power as it had integral links with the ruling Socialist Party of Auleus. However when the Conservative Party of Auleus won the 1995 election with a election promise to dismantle the Mafia. This however caused problems as the Mafia assasinated a succesion of conservative chancellors, leading to the December Crisis during December and January, Auleus was in political crisis with the Third Republic of Auleus was declared in Carsile and martial law being declared nationwide, and a military government called the Carran Council being installed in Carran, being supported by other nations. Under the leadership of General Himnak Dutto-Snyder order and democracy was restored to Auleus within 2 months with monarchs that had fled returning soon after. Most of the Mafia were captured after this as Dutto-Snyder's army had advanced faster than anticipated, those captured were given two options, either serve life imprisionment for treason or join a rehabillitation program to transition back to normal life, most chose the latter. Although after two years most of the Mafia was back together and formed a online shopping websiter that sells somewhat illegally imported goods, however it is in a grey area of the law and thus is allowed to continue operating. After the crisis an election was held in late 1996 after the country had been governed by the Aulean Provisional Government consisting of the military, monarchs and some major party representatives for most of the year.


The physical geography of Auleus consists of a coastal plain leading to some small hills about 40 km from the coast then there is a plateau slowing increasing in height to Tri-point Mountain.

Sunrise views from the summit of Tri-point Mountain



Sardines are a major industry in Auleus. It is a tradition that the national sardine fisheries names their flagship sardine brand after the current Grand Duke with the prefix King instead of Grand Duke so the sardines sell better in Ingerland, which is a big consumer that doesn't like Auleus

Motor Vehicles

Royal Auleus Car Co. is a multinational car company based in Carran, although now most of the company is now based at the United Commonian Car Co. in Williamston, Craters, Commonia.

Department Stores

A notable Department store is Wilsonovich's


The national carrier is RAA

Aeroplane Manufacuring

Clarke Aerospace



Auleus is made up of ? provinces

Republic of Auleus

Carran Region

County of Carsile

Duchy of Kalmburg

People's Republic of Auleus

Royaume de Bioncourt

Principality of Melker

Viscounty of Johnnyville-Williamston



Since the 1930's sport has been very popular in Auleus.


Auleus League 1


Auleus Premier League


Channel 4

Auleus has tbc television channels

RABA: the state-owned television channel

Channel Four: private television network

Auleus has the following magazines

U Turn: a motoring magazine

The national newspaper of Auleus is the Aulean National

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