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Freedemian Retailers


  • Franklin's- mid-range supermarket chain
-international locations in San Marcos operate as la Rávita
  • All-n-One- Hypermarket owned by Franklin's w/ international locations
-international locations in Izaland operate as Hatta-n-Iko
-international locations in Karolia operate as Kaikka-Ühësa
-international locations in Demirhan Empire operate as Hepsi Bir
  • En Masse- bulk club hypermarket owned by Franklin's
  • Rose Market and RoseMax, supermarket and hypermarket chain
  • Home & Closet, RoseMax owned home goods and clothing store
  • Artisan's Choice Foods, a high-end fancy supermarket chain largely found in wealthy communities
  • Winifred's, an upscale supermarket with more locations and lower prices than Artisan's Choice but less of a status symbol
  • WrightPrice Foods, Freedemian discount supermarket
  • Valuigi, Freedemian discount supermarket


  • PeaceByPiece- competitor to Hervii, specializes in specialty assemblable furniture and other home goods and building materials. International locations encouraged. Owned by Plick.
  • Heydey- Discount store, mostly clothing and home goods with a small food section. Competitor to Vodeo's Klappersacks
  • Readmoore Books
  • HomeHelpers- DIY home improvement/hardware store
  • FreedinsAfew- small variety store w limited groceries
  • JoyToys- major toy retailer
  • ArtzSpot- "hobby" + arts and crafts store. Paints, sketchbooks, pens/pencils, fabric, etc
  • Art&Office- arts and crafts + office supply store.
  • RockPaperScissors- office supply store
  • Playball's Sporting Goods
  • RedMed- pharmacy
  • HealthFocus- pharmacy
  • BestCare- car parts/repair

Freedemian Restaurants

Fast Food

  • StarBurgers- popular burger fast food chain w/ international locations
  • Pizacyro Hero- popular fast food place centered around the Freedemian "pizacyro", basically like a taco-gyro with pizza sauce
  • Sand Castle- seafood fast food place (fried shrimp, fish and chips, fish sandwich, etc)
  • Carrie's- burger fast food chain. Potentially a placeholder for a chain from somewhere in Tarephia.
  • Fry Guys' Famous Sliders- local fast food place primarily found in Quentinsburgh and surroundings, started as a single location and then blew up.
  • Chickawow- chicken fast food place (ads use the slogan "Bow-Chickawow-wow")
  • Bobbie Q's- BBQ chicken and beef fast food place.
  • Baguette&Bagel - a fancy sandwich and soup shop
  • SubHub - a no frills made to order deli
  • Rockin' Johnny's Soda Fountain- popular fast food place with a 50s and 60s vibe. Burgers, wings, smoothies/ice cream, specialty sodas, etc. Started small, now a major chain
  • DrumRoll- chicken fast food place known for their drumsticks and sweet rolls
  • Blues BurgerHouse- upscale burger chain usually with sitdown locations
  • Dawn's- a breakfast/brunch place, usually with sit down locations, potential for international locations in surrounding countries
  • WaffleIron- a breakfast/brunch place with a diner-like vibe
  • Sabrosa- an upscale Ridimidan (aka Castellanese-Freedemian) fast food restaurant


  • Serve it Up!- a no-frills buffet chain, attracts a lot of buses and trailers
  • Lamb Chop's Steak House- a chain of mid-range steakhouses that do steak and lamb (not super expensive/fancy)
  • SteakBake- a chain of mid-range steakhouses

Tea/Coffee Shops

  • CoffeeBreaks- Freedemia's most popular coffee chain. Also has smoothies and minor breakfast options
  • Donut Emporium- Donut and coffee chain. Donuts, churros, coffee, boba tea, etc
  • Candie's Tea- Tea, boba tea, iced tea, whipped teas, etc, as well as smoothies

Major Freedemian Brands

The app symbol for Thoughtbite, a Freedemian social media company
  • Plick- Freedemian plastic building toy company whose name is a portmanteau of "plastic brick" and also gives the impression of the click they make when attached. Plick Stores will exist throughout Freedemia
  • Megamer Games- major video game console and game manufacturer with stores in major cities and sales around the world. Megamer Games of Archanta located in Brighston, Seneppi, Megamer Games of Uletha (Central Uletha) located in Gobras City, Gobrassanya. Need locations for a Megamer Games of West Uletha and a Megamer Games of East Uletha, potentially a MegamerGames of North Archanta?
  • Thoughtbite- Freedemian social media company known for short posts but with the ability for longer formatted posts too
  • Stepstone- a major Freedemian computing hardware and software company
  • Starmobile- major Freedemian auto manufacturer with international dealerships
  • Jazzalini- Starmobile's luxury division. Dealerships usually labeled "Starmobile-Jazzalini".
  • Starmobility- Starmobile's truck, bus, and other large vehicle division. Has also made railcars at various points over the years but usually doesn't get enough orders to continue making them
  • mito.- Major prepaid cellphone carrier/service provider. Short for mitochondria- the powerhouse of the cellphone
  • Jewel- Major beverage company with mass vending machine presence in Freedemia

Freedemian Media

  • Betterview Studios- Freedemia's most significant movie and tv production company. Part of the Betterview-Century Media conglomerate.'
  • Century Television Network (CTN)
  • BVTV (Betterview Television)
  • insert kids channel here
  • StudioOwl- Freedemia's second biggest movie and tv production company
  • Progress World Network (PWN)- Freedemia's most popular television network, also owns KidzTV, the most popular kids channel in Freedemia
  • Progress World News Network (PWNN) - the all news network owned and run by PWN
  • National Broadcasting of Freedemia (NBF)- Freedemia's public television network, also has radio operations
  • Freedemia-Tarephia Television- a Freedemian broadcaster that specializes in news and programs from other parts of Tarephia

Other Freedemian Businesses

Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

  • Profuel- major gas station company
  • Saturn- major gas station company
  • Saturn Road Trip- major travel mart-centered gas stations with charging stations and an attached fast food restaurant
  • clEan- a newer electric charging station company with some hydrogen pumps at very major stations
  • Moovon- major gas station company
  • ThreeStar Fuel- major gas station company
  • Convenience Corner- major convenience store, not always attached to gas stations
  • Evryday- major convenience store, not always attached to gas stations

Banks and Financial

  • EfficiBank- a major Freedemian bank
  • FirstStart Bank- a major Freedemian bank
  • Globexchange- currency exchange company with locations in airports and major train stations/ferry ports, etc


  • Stardom Cinemas- largest movie theater chain
  • PXPL, aka Private Express Postal Lines- Freedemia's main private parcel/package shipping company


  • Homecourt- nicer hotel
  • Crystal Suites- nicer hotel
  • Come On Inn- budget hotel or nice motel

Other TCC and Global Brands that will be used


  • MangeMarche- fast-food chain from Cabelia
  • Indy's- pizza and wing place from Paroy
  • Krispy- fried chicken fast-food chain from Barzona
  • Baleadas & Semitas- fast-food chain from Barzona
  • A Onda- fast-food chain from Barzona
  • Nacho King- nacho centered Latin fast food from Paroy
  • Icey- Paroyan ice cream shop
  • ChaiTemps- bubble tea chain from Cabelia
  • Thé St. Jean- bubble tea chain from Cabelia

Not TCC but likely to be used:

  • Khaiwoon Taco Factory- Gobrassanya-based Khaiwoonese taco fast food (technically not TCC but used in neighboring TCC countries)
  • Yodoshiya- fast-food rice bowl (konufudoa) chain from Izaland
  • Kabadbad, fast food international kebab chain from Mazan


Big Box stores

  • TechPlaza- Paroyan electronics store
  • Henson's- Paroyan bookstore
  • Klappersacks- Vodeo based department store. Biggest competitor to Heydey
  • Delaunay- Barzona based fancy department store
  • Bricogar- Barzona based DIY/home improvement store

Clothing, Outlets, etc

  • M'Appareil- Paroy based clothing company
  • De Oro- Allendea based clothing company
  • ESSE- Barzona based cosmetic company
  • undercover- Barzona based clothing company (fast fashion)
  • Traffic- Barzona based clothing company (fast fashion)
  • Cassalls- Barzona based bag/leather company

Not TCC but likely to be frequently used in malls and such:

  • Samix Izaland based sportswear company, similar to RW Nike, Asics etc)
  • Kiseidān (輝清堂) - Izaland based cosmetics brand
  • ABAKUS - Izaland based store for bags, watches and luxury accessories, worldwide diffusion
  • Mi:nuks - Izaland based store for bags, wallets, rucksacks, e-watches, hats, skating equipment and other city sports fashion
  • Nunatak- Ruoguovvás based sportswear and clothing company

Markets and Convenience

  • MarketPlus- Paroy based hypermarket company
  • Gigante- Barzona based hypermarket company
  • Ipermarket- Barzona based supermarket company
  • Ipershop- Barzona based convenience store
  • Little- Cabelian based mini-supermarket company
  • GoodBuy- ? based convenience store with separate Freedemian operations. NOTE: Not to be confused with the FSA based GUDBY.


Major Brands

  • Colour- Vodeo based computer company
  • Cyclo- Paroy based computer company
  • Meyton Motors- Paroy based auto manufacturer
  • Cobalt- Vodeo based auto manufacturer
  • Avalancha- Allendea based auto manufacturer
  • Sylvène- potentially Cabelia based luxury auto brand with manufacturing in Freedemian factories (?? May not exist any more??)
  • Lucca- Kofuku based auto manufacturer known for electric vehicles


  • Condravion- Cabelia based manufacturer of planes, trucks, and heavy utility vehicles
  • Ulano-Lorande- Cabelia based manufacturer of trains and trams, joint-owned with a company based in Geklinia-Dregolesia
  • Mandanque- Cabelia based military utility vehicles


  • Bank of Tarephia- Vodeo based bank with locations across Tarephia
  • Credibanc- Barzona based bank
  • Banco Uno- Barzona based bank
  • CN Banque National (National Bank Cabelia)- Cabelia based bank
  • Fuelo- Paroy based gas station. Mostly to be located from Quentinsburgh west (Quentins and Frankelyn) due to proximity to Paroy.
  • Fuelo Green- charging stations
  • LTC- Barzona? based phone carrier

Other possibilities for reference

List provided by Liadren:

  • K&W, cheaper clothing brand - Ruoguovvás (bought by someone else)
  • Tasamma, small tech shops - Mazan
  • Habib, makes phones and stuff - Mazan
  • Le Radiuse, Boutique store - Unknown origin
  • Shoes Won't go Loose, Footware store - Unknown origin
  • ForYou, clothing store - Unknown origin
  • Yourtime, perfume stores - Unknown origin

Freedemian Governmental Groups/Agencies/Services

logo for the National Postal Service.
  • National Postal Service

Nationwide/Intercity Transportation companies

For-profit public-private partnerships

File:FreedemiRail logo.png
The logo for Freedemia's passenger railway system.
  • FreedemiAir- Freedemia's primary airline, long name Free Reedemian National Airlines.
  • FreedemiRail- Freedemia's national railroad's passenger service, long name Free Reedemian Railway Company.
  • FRF- FreedemiRail Freight. The freight operations of the Free Reedemian Railway Company.
  • FIAbus- Short for Freedemian Intercity Autobus. Freedemia's national intercity bus service.
  • Freedemian InterFerry?- Freedemia's national international-destination ferry company.

International Rail

  • Aterro Transport- railway group, operator of high speed rail to Paroy, Meilan, and Beldrio in partnership with national rail companies
  • Rail Ferry to Cabelia & Aeragny through Vandoveur Ferry Port

Private Systems

  • Greenleaf Bus Lines

Popular Ideas for Non-Chain Stores

Food and Drink

  • Pizacyros- a very popular Freedemian street food with the texture of Hungarian Lángos
  • Empanadas
  • Boba Tea/Bubble Tea
  • Quentinsburgh-style Pizza- not to be confused with pizacyros


  • Gem-focused stores- much more of a culture surrounding emeralds and other gems/jewels than around diamonds, some gold mixed in here and there