August Georgington Airport

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Z13, -41.0000 °S, 160.3000 °E
August Georgington Airport

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Basic information
Country Flag of the FSA.svg Federal States
City Ann'harbor
Began operation 1935
Direction Length
12L/30R 4680 m
12R/30L 4170 m
24 3870 m
Number Length

August Georgington Airport is a passenger airport in Oakley. It is located ....


Model of the main terminal building
The first airport was opened in 1935 with some small terminal buildings. In 1942 the airport was named after the aviation pioneer August Georgington. In the late 1950s there were plans expand the airport, especially to make it accessible for modern jet planes. One of the proponents at that time was MacDougall Graham. After expanding the runway to 3500 m a new terminal was built by Henderson Mayer.


The runway (12/30) is 4200 m x 60 m. It is equipped with the latest version of ILS, which enables aircraft operations in low ceiling and visibility. A second smaller runway (1600 m x 28 m) has been removed.

Inside the terminal building
Nowadays terminal building was built in the early 1960s. The tower is integrated in the terminal and became a style icon in modern architecture. The whole complex of buildings is member of the Concrete Hall of Fame. Its architect Henderson Mayer received the Cruz y Lopez Prize‎ in 1964.

The airport is able to accept aircrafts up to the largest ones.

Controversy about preservation order

In 1994 it was reported that safety issues were no longer up-to-date, especially concerning fire protection in the terminal building. Subsequent plans for renovation created much controversy. Main aspacts were the exorbitant costs and some technical changes which threated the preservation order.

Passenger airlines

Tower of the August Georgington Airport made of concrete
  • airline 1
  • airline 2
  • airline 3


Incidents and accidents