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The Grand Electrical International series, often shortened to the GE International or GEI Series is a touring car series utilizing only electric-powered cars. The touring car specification means that only reguarly available commercial cars can be used, and for the first few seasons until 2018-19 season the selection of cars is restricted to one of two. Launched originally in 2015 and running it's first season 2016-17, the series run by Verdese born Balam-Utz businessman Pedro Olmos D'cruz is regulated by the OGFIA.

All races in the GEI Series are run on street circuits, according to a mission held by D'cruz to "Bring electric to the city and the people, to make them more accessable, and prove once and for all that electric cars have equal placement on city streets". However, some road courses are run in locations where it is seen as more reasonable either from too thin roads, poorly managed roads, or resulting traffic issues, when a road course is alternatively available. Also, because of the current state of electric cars, circuits cannot exceed 3.5km in length.

The series usually runs from the Autumn of the preciding year to the Spring of the next year, with a break for Christmas and New Year. Race days follow the format of a practice session before qualification with the 5 fastest drivers entering a super-pole to qualify for the first to fifth spots on the grid. After is the race which runs for about an hour, with two pit stops inbetween.

The pit stops in this series is unique to other series due to the implcations of driving an electric car. Each driver has at most 2 pit stops to use, and enough energy to only get through around 90% of the race. A second car is provided to every driver for the first pit stop, requiring the driver and pit crew to swap from the first to second car. The first car is then plugged into a personalized charging station to allow for the first car to recharge if the driver uses up too much energy in the second car. This allows for multiple strategies for conservation of energy and the possibility of tighter competition through the entire race.



ePrix Country City Track Map First Hosted Last Hosted
Khaiwoon ePrix Khaiwoon flag.png Khaiwoon Reunion Beach, Khaiwoon Khaiwoon Reunion Beach Circuit Khaiwoon Reunion Beach Circuit-01.PNG ??? Current season
Verdese ePrix Lost country.png Tierajas-Verdes Parirakbe Currey Junction Street Circuit Currey Junction Street Circuit.png 2016 Current season