Greenleaf Bus Lines

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Greenleaf Bus Lines is a trailways-style intercity bus line company in Freedemia, with limited connections to Nature and Narghana. The buses connect different cities and towns, especially those not well connected with rail. Buses have gained new amenities in recent years, including outlets and wifi.



Greenleaf Bus Lines operates two main service types:

  • LocalLeaf- town to town service serving most smaller towns and major cities in Freedemia, as well as several pick-up and drop-off stops throughout larger cities like Quentinsburgh
  • ExpressLeaf- express service connecting major cities to other major cities.

Greenleaf also operates a service called FreedemiBus, a service that acts as an extention of certain FreedemiRail or FreedemiAir trips.

A typical Greenleaf Bus with normal labeling and displays.