Queen Helena

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Queen Helena of Eshein
Queen Helena in 2016
Queen Helena in 2016
Born16 May 1946, New Tyrrin, Noy Tyrrin, Eshein
Other NamesHelena Angela Margaret Halensk-Kelter
ResidenceNew Tyrrin, Noy Tyrrin, Eshein
OccupationReigning Monarch
Years Active1976-Today
RelativesKing Owneheym III (father)
Arlent Halensk II (brother)

Helena Angela Margaret Halensk, (Eshein: ['hɛlɛnæ], Ingerish: ['hɛlænɑː]) Mostly known as "Queen Helena" (born may 18, 1846 New Tyrrin, Eshein) is the reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Eshein since 1979. Queen Helena resides in the Langervynterr palace located in the Eshen capital, New Tyrrin with her husband, the King consort, Rikard Kelter. Her son, Prince Maykel, is presumed to be her successor.

Early Life

Helena is the daughter of King Owneheym III and his wife, Queen consort Victoria Kükgler, and she has tree little siblings; Prince Arlent, Princess Luyz and Prince Robert.

Personal Life

Queen Helena is married to Rikard Kelter since July 9, 1968. The couple had two weddings, the formal one in the New Tyrrin cathedral and a privet one in Kelter's hometown of Brayden, Fyordberayk. In 1971, after they welcomed their first child, Prince Maykel, Helena was granted the title "Lady of Fyordberayk" (the title of the first person in the line of succession and is a parent) and the couple move to the royal residence in Firen.