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10, -35.5032, 44.8833
Inkogg safè-Layr
Official flag of Layr
"Gguntabè ka koperatàw"
Unity and Cooperation
Inkò Mode
Location of Layr
A map of Layr
and largest city
Official languagesHolmic
Ethnic Groups
Native Layri (55%)
Holmic (29%)
Bromlavian (5%)
Sanmarquino (4%)
Others (7%)
NationalitiesLayri (55%)
Cambrian (16%)
Federated Holmic (13%)
Bromlavian (5%)
Sanmarquino (4%)
Tfizon (2%)
Others (5%)
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
 • King of LayrMoraks VI of Atryà
 • Prime Minister of LayrPhyr Radal Milo
LegislatureBayona Layrò
 • Total3277.54 km2
1265.47 sq mi
 • Census (2021)1,567,789
 • Density478.34/km2
1238.90/sq mi
HDI (2019)Increase 0.698
CurrencyLayri Lira (L₺) (LYL)
Drives on theleft

Layr (Ingerish:Lyre, Castellanese:Laír, Lyrian:Lallr, Ohemian:Lair) offically called "Inkogg safè-Layr" (Kingdom of Layr) is a country located in Eastern Antarephia between the Cambrian Union and Bromley bordering the Asperic Ocean to the east, ruled under a constitutional monarchy; the monarch has ceremonial power over the courts and parliament. Within the territory are over 1.5 million people, densely packed within 4 major urban areas: Layrìtyan, Atryà, Ballaỳ and Mortallì. Consisting of 3 smaller states and many smaller jurisdictions the country acts as a hub for connecting flights into Antarephia.


Layr has mountainous regions on all borders with its neighbours, with Sumò mountains having the tallest peak in Layr. There are two main bodies of water: Erdadonga and Donga Logg, both provide regions of economic activity for fisheries, this is also seen on the island of Tabyet just off the coast of Layr near Bennkan and bin-Egko which is almost covered in a third of bogs and marshland. Geologically most of Layr consists of sedimentary rock, with metamorphic and igneous rocks being deeper and in mountains rather then on the surface, this is due to the volcanic activity from tectonic plates during the Jurassic age.[1]


In the temperate region, Layr receives unusually warmer temperatures due to ocean currents bringing warmer waters and winds from the Equator, this results in an influx of tropical storms and cyclones during the summer and autumnal months.[2] On average Layr receives 1371.6mm (54in) of rainfall per year and has an average of 30°C-34°C (86°F-93.2°F) in the summer and 5°C-12°C (41°F-53.6°F) in winter.[3]

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes aren't infrequent in Layr, although they don't pose as much a threat to rural regions. Urban regions however are poorly built and power lines fall easily, and gas lines rupture causing frequent fires and outages for a few weeks after strong tremors. Cyclones on the other hand have been known to batter the coastal and capital regions causing widespread disruption in bi-Nwa and Layrityanò Plerekinareglè, which usually means flights connecting through Layr are rerouted back to the relatively safe Strait of Lyc.


Neolithic Era

The oldest traceback to human habitation of Layr was during the 5000BC, with traces of old agricultural tools being excavated towards the North of Layr near Erdadonga, seemingly indicating a small settlement in the area. This follows a migration of ancestral peoples South from the relatively warmer Lycene region.


Currently at a ceasefire, the nations of LyreFlag.svg Layr and New flag (final).png Bromley are still at war[4][5], this has resulted in multiple casualties along the Southern border with the country and the people have a very bitter attitude to one another. This war has been ongoing for multiple decades spanning from the 1960s to the present-day ceasefire although bitter sentiment has preceded this conflict since the 14th century. The war initially stemmed from Layr's claim to the Greater Layr region[6] which encompasses Barkenfry, the Cambrian Union and Layr.

There are a wide range of political parties in Layr, based on a proportional representation system which allows even small parties to win seats to argue in Parliament. Below is a list of the 7 major parties.

Political Parties Description
Layr Mèmedian Union A large religious sect of Lyre, focusing mainly around music and how to connect through God, they are more liberal than other more conservative religious parties
Industriabolor Party This party mainly focuses on the interests of business and manufacturing, catering to the richer people of Lyre
Sotyalismò Party A party advocating for socialism, a welfare state, shows interest in helping people in poverty and taxing the rich
Selo Party The main party in Logg, focusing on fishing industry and "blue" policies which regularly involve water related industry and animals as well as coastal/lake regions
ECO Co-op The green party, advocating for less CO2 emissions and creating green energy and more sustainable industry
Layr Conservatives Conservative party of Layr, often opposing policies of the LMU and the SòP
Beans Party A joke party which often runs absurd policies and is more liberal


Layr's economy has strong fisheries and agriculture in the primary sector as well as mining in various large quarries in Logg and Artroda, and has ventures into manufacturing such as chemical synthesis, plastics and steelwork alongside car manufacturing in Atryà and Bentì, along with factories in Layrityanò Reglè (Port Layrityan).

Businesses in Layr

Bio-Layrityanò supports a major part of the manufacturing and research sector in Layr, creating jobs for around 25,000 jobs in the region and abroad.[7] Hosting a major facility for chemical synthesis in Port Layrityan and a smaller plant in Paholm Industriabolorò Parke. Lucian Pereyò or Lucian Orchard hosts almost all non-perishable food packaging and production and 50% of perishable foods in Layr, with a few smaller subsidiaries in supermarkets, convenience stores (Paylaw's) and logistics for carrying milk, fruit and other crops.


Layr has one major banking corporation: Layrò Banko-Trin[8], and a few regional banks such as Tabyet Banko and BankoLoggo. Layrò Banko-Trin is also the only bank permitted to print monetary funds and mint coins for the country.[9]



Layr acts as a hub for connecting flights for Antarephian Travel, through its national carrier Layr(Airline). Below is a flight map for the airline. Layr opened its first airport in Autumn of 1940, 4km away from Layrìtyan; serving as an airfield for the military as well as to import humanitarian goods as at the time Layr was suffering from widespread famine after the 1940 7.2 magnitude earthquake caused widespread wildfires around the capital and central regions.

Layr Flight Map, as of 2021


Motor vehicle


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