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Media of Esthyra consist of several different types of media: television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and Internet-based Web sites. As the freedom of the press is ensured since the signing of the Treaty of Esthyra, the media sector of the country resumes small but steady growth.


The only national television company, ESB, operates three channels, one in each official languages (Ingerish, Castellanese, Franquese).

Esthyran law prohibits any other national over-the-air broadcaster other than ESB.

List of broadcasters

Type 1

Type 1 broadcasters are over-the-air broadcasters which operate the primary local television channels in each of their broadcast areas. They must be 100% Esthyra-owned.

Type 2

Type 2 broadcasters are cable and satelite broadcasters.


Callsign Common name Frequency City of License Note
KEBC-FM Baycity Radio 99.7 FM Erilyn City, Erilyn Pop Music
KEUM-FM Magpie Radio 90.5 FM Erilyn City, Erilyn Campus (University of Mehelsa, Erilyn City)
KELN-FM ESB Starlight - Erilyn City 91.1 FM Erilyn City, Erilyn News/Talk
KEST Radio Esthyra International 9.50 MHz Roselia, Paglobeclaca Shortwave broadcast for foreign audience