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12, -37.9594, 159.0889
State of Newlynn
Largest cityRivetown
 • Estimate1,215,589

The State of Newlynn, which claims itself as the first permanent settlement in the Federal States of Archanta, is located in the Southeast Region of the country. The state lies along the Ardentic Ocean, and is bordered by Aperia, Oakhill, Natrinia, Wilthamshire, AR120-08, and the Capital District. Due to the state's location, Newlynn has benefited as a regional port and transportation center, with Port Robert as one of the oldest continuously operating harbors in the Federal States.

Port Robert and neighboring Rivertown, grew wealthy through trade and the exportation of corn, tobacco, and cotton. Rivertown's central location fueled the city's growth, eventually becoming the capital of the then-territory to the present day.




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See Government of Newlynn


Flag v2.png

The flag of Newlynn was officially adopted upon the convening of the first official government of the state. The flag features a navy blue field with the silhouette of a heron, slightly off-center. The flag also features an ear of corn and a tobacco plant with four leaves.

The blue field represents the Ardentic Ocean, and the state's waterways.

The heron, shown in white; is the state bird of Newlynn. The bird represents independence, freedom, grace, and determination. The heron is shown mid-flight, representing the journey across the ocean, and a quest for the future, pointed toward an ear of corn and a tobacco plant.

Both the corn and tobacco plants represent the state's primary cash crops prior to industrialization, which helped fuel the young Newlynn economy and growth. The ear of corn represents a bountiful harvest and good health. The tobacco plant represents prosperity, with four leaves, one for each of the counties of Newlynn.



Shipping & Transportation



Highway Network

Number Beginning End Length (mi) Notes
Route 1.png 1 Newlynn - Aperia State Line (Continues as AP 3) Newlynn - Oakhill State Line (Continues as OAK-1) The first numbered highway in the Newlynn State Highway System
Route 2.png 2 Route 6.png Green St / Capitol Square West / Park St, Rivertown Main St / Mabel St, Lake Hewitt Originally routed from South Dexter to Lake Hewitt prior to the construction of New Bridge Rd
Route 3.png 3 Route 1.png High Street, Hatherford River St / Inn St, Hoyt
Route 4.png 4 Route 1.png Brown Rd / Prairie Rd, North Brownville Route 16.png Kenton Rd / Main Street, Kenton
Route 5.png 5 Route 2.png Dodd St / High St, Rivertown (Sloan Jct) Route 1.pngRoute 10.png John Beck Blvd, Rivertown Shortest route in the State Highway System, originally routed along Robert Street from Sloan Junction to Oyster Field Rd in Marsh Bank
Route 6.png 6 Route 2.png Capitol Square West / Park St, Rivertown Route 1.png Robert St, Marsh Bank Original route of Route 1.png
Route 7.png 7 Route 1.png Lynn Crossing Rd / Brown Rd, South Dexter Route 2.png Shackelford Rd / Lake Hewitt Rd, Shackelford Originally the southern half of Route 2.png
Route 8.png 8 Route 1.png Maple St / River Rd, Oakhill Junction Route 1.png Prairie Rd / Danford Rd, Mary's Crossroads Original route of Route 1.png
Route 9.png 9 Route 1.png Robert St / Grass St, Marsh Bank Route 2.png Crossing Rd, Sumner
Route 10.png 10 Oyster Street, Oyster Field Route 1.png Main St, Lynn Crossing Features the first section of limited-access expressway in Newlynn
Route 11.png 11 Port Robert Terminal, Port Robert Route 1.png Broad St, Riggs Corner
Route 12.png 12 Water St, Pittman Hill Route 3.png Hoyt Rd, Lewis
Route 13.png 13 Route 1.png Union Rd, Johnsontown Route 2.png Rivertown St, Cat Creek Rerouted onto Davis St from Reitnauer Rd during the expansion of Rivertown Capital Airport
Route 14.png 14 Dock Street, Anne Abbey Route 3.png Hoyt Rd, Hatherford
Route 15.png 15 Route 1.png Union Rd, New Dexter Route 3.png Hoyt Rd, Tonner
Route 16.png 16 Route 1.png Prairie Rd, Mary's Crossroads Route 4.png Brown Rd / Main St, Kenton
Route 20.png 20 Route 10.png John Beck Blvd, Rivertown Route 2.png Rivertown St / New Bridge Rd, Cat Creek
Route 20F.png 20F Route 1.pngRoute 10.png John Beck and William Hoyt Bridges, Rivertown / Port Robert Route 20.png Central Expwy Unsigned designation for the Fossett St Flyover
Route 30.png 30 Route 20.png Central Expwy, Sumner Route 1.png Union Rd, Johnsontown Prior to the expansion of Rivertown Capital Airport, RT 30 ended at Route 13.png Theimer Rd via Airfield Hwy
Route 500.png 500 Newlynn - Aperia State Line (Continues as AP 2) Newlynn - AR120-08 State Line (Continues as Edisto Road) Unsigned designation, does not connect to any other highway in the State Highway System

Air Travel